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Take My 3 Day Positivity Challenge and See How Your Mindset Begins to Change

All day long we listen to our own thoughts. We are constantly talking to ourselves.

What kind of voice are you listening to? Is it the voice of an enemy? Or a voice of a friend?

The voice of an enemy judges the actions of others and of yourself. It gets fixated on things that happened in past that we didn’t like. Or about something that might happen in the future that we are afraid of. That enemy voice criticises ourself and others and makes us feel bad.

The voice of a friend is one who makes observations but reserves judgment. This voice is a cheerleader, giving us and others encouragement. The voice of a best friend who reminds us to let go of past events and not to worry about the future. The voice that reminds us that the only moment we can do anything about is the one we are in right now. The voice that tells us to stay present, positive and loving. A positive inner voice makes us feel good about ourselves and the world around us.

When you think about it like that, don’t we all want the best friend inner voice? A great first step in changing to a positive mindset is to set a short goal for yourself. Either a 24 hour or 3 day challenge where you focus on your thoughts and stop yourself from having negative ones.  And instead you focus on positive thoughts and letting things go.

We recently had a 3 day positivity challenge in my Cuddle Fairy Positivity Community on Facebook. In the community, members share quotes and thoughts on mindfulness. If you’d like to take part in the community, click here to send a join request and I will add you.

I know many of you aren’t on Facebook so I wanted to share our 3-day challenge with you so you can try this at home. And also for the members of the community, this post is available for you to review any time you want to focus on your mindset.

3 day positivity challenge quote 1

Below you will find the quotes and words I shared in the group over the 3 days. Each day I posted one message in the morning, one in the afternoon and a last one in the evening.

The focus of the 3 days is to focus on having positive thoughts in your mind about yourself and others. Focusing on gratitude helps a lot in maintaining positive thoughts. When we are feeling grateful, we are feeling happy!

Day 1

Let’s get this challenge started by thinking of three things we are grateful for. xx

3 day positivity challenge quote 2

Our mind is so powerful. Our inner thoughts are what we listen to all day long. If we tell ourself we can’t do it or remind ourselves of our shortcomings then we are holding ourselves down. Fill your mind with positive thoughts instead. Take note of what you are thinking. Stop the negative and replace with the positive.

3 day positivity challenge quote 3

Give yourself a pat on the back today and a nice compliment. Having a positive mindset includes having positive thoughts about yourself – you deserve your love as much as anyone else does! And with those positive inner thoughts will come strength. xx

3 day positivity challenge quote 4

Day 2

Let’s do this! Put your positive pants on! 😉

3 day positivity challenge quote 9

We get to choose our thoughts so let’s choose positive ones x

3 day positivity challenge quote 5

If you stumbled today, shake it off, don’t give it a second thought. Each moment we can choose what to think and feel. That’s the only moment that counts.

3 day positivity challenge quote 5

Day 3

Day 3 is here, let’s choose positivity & happiness.

3 day positivity challenge quote 6

Don’t give up. If you fall down, get back up. Failing isn’t making a mistake, it is staying down and not trying again. Keep trying, keep focusing on the positive. You’ve got this!

3 day positivity challenge quote 7

What we choose to spend our time thinking about has power over us. It’s what consumes us. It’s what creates emotions within us. It can create fear, guilt, anguish or anger if we focus on things we or others have done wrong or if we worry about what might happen in the future.

Choose to think about positive things. Things that bring us love and happiness. Don’t’ dwell on the past or worry about the future. Stay present. Stay positive.

3 day positivity challenge quote 8

Thoughts on Positivity

Here are some thoughts on positivity from a few Cuddle Fairy positivity community members…

“The last couple of months have been extremely stressful. We have been in the process of moving house, being gazundered twice, poorly close family member, losing another family member and the general craziness that is day to life. However, The Cuddle Fairy Positive community kept me sane. Whenever I was feeling stressed I would pop into the group and immediately feel better. Positive thinking really can make a difference. And it can help you feel more in control over your life, even when things seem to be spiralling out of control.” – Emma, Island Living 365

“Positive thinking helps me see things in a new perspective. I used to think negatively all the time and because of that, I didn’t see good in the world and in others. Positivity has helped me become a better person. Even when things aren’t going my way when I use positive thinking my problems don’t seem so dire.” – Michelle, Rockin Random Mom

“I have found the challenge to be the most rewarding I have undertaken. I often find it difficult to quieten that negative inner voice. This challenge has awakened a more compassionate voice. I am going to continue on this journey and so look forward to see where it takes me. Becky, thank you so much.” – Ellen, E.L. Feelgood’s Vintage

Final Thoughts

The 3 day challenge is over but the positive thinking doesn’t have to end here. The challenge is a first step to tune into our thoughts & our emotions. To become aware of what your inner voice is telling you all day & to take charge of your thoughts.

YOU get to choose YOUR thoughts! So make them good ones: positive, supportive and loving thoughts.

Follow Cuddle Fairy on social media via the links below for more positivity. Subscribe to receive my blog posts via email (zero spam). And click here to join my positivity community on Facebook.

Have a great day & remember, there is positivity around every corner. xx

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