The Happiness Series with Life of my Family and Me

I’m delighted to welcome Rachel from Life of my Family and Me to The Happiness Series this week! Rachel blogs about life as a working mum with two young girls & a new puppy. Here’s what Rachel has to say about happiness…

1. Name three things in life that make you happy. And, please tell us a little about each one.

My children make me really happy. I am so lucky to have children because in my early twenty’s I suffered from anorexia and was told that I could not have children by a hospital consultant after having tests done as I had not had a menstrual cycle for nearly 1 year.

Chocolate, it’s probably all psychological but I always get a happy feeling when i bite into a Cadbury’s chocolate bar that’s been sitting in the freezer for a while. Hmmm yum!

Cleaning – having a real deep clean of the floors, skirting boards and inside of the cupboard. I get a sense of achievement once I’ve had a good clean. I tend to clean when I’m feeling stressed, I think it gives me something else to focus on.

Life of my Family and Me

2. What’s something you do to find your happiness when you’ve lost it?

Cleaning or have a hug off of Miss M. She gives the biggest and most heart warming hugs ever.

3. What cheers you up after a long, difficult day?

My bed. I love to sleep – I should work as a bed tester haha! I love wrapping myself up in my nice and warm duvet going to sleep.

4. Does your job make you happy? 

Yes as a whole my job does make me happy. I am a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School. There are days I think like anyone when I can’t wait for my School day to end but in general, I am happy in my job. I get all the School holidays off and work School hours so that’s a huge plus!

5. Share a happy memory with us.

Gosh, I have so many. Hmm, just one… getting married. I had the most important people with me that day, my children were bridesmaids and Miss C made a speech!

6. Do you think money can bring happiness?

Erm, that’s a good question. Yes and no. Yes in the fact that I could live comfortably in a big house, not worry about bills, my children’s endless need for clothes where they keep growing and go on holiday without a budget. But then I think perhaps no because then I could fall into the money is no object so I have nothing to work for and would stop appreciating what I actually have and then get bored!

Life of my Family and Me

7. Is your happiness influenced by the things you do or the way you think?

Both I think. I think about how much I would love to do something like sit in the garden with the sun in my face so then I’ll go and do it. I try and think positively as much as I can and be aware of what is going on around me rather than be absorbed in myself. I’ll look and Miss M directly in the face when she is talking to me and I’ll notice her cute freckles which make me smile. I’ll sing a happy tune to myself or think of my family. I count myself lucky to have a husband who loves me, two gorgeous girls, a roof over my head and my family there when I need them, even if they do live quite far away. I try really hard to look around me and just be thankful for the little things.

8. Which would make you the happiest – a sun holiday, new car or a new job opportunity?

A sun holiday. I could really do with not watching the time, not sticking to a routine and to feel the heat of the sun on me. I am happy with my car and my job.

9. Which wine makes you happier – red or white?


10. Share a quote that makes you smile.

“Smile and the world smiles with you”

I’m Rachel. A mum of two girls aged 11 & 5 years old. I have a 6 month old Jug puppy too. I blog about all sorts, our lives, loves and mental health. Find Rachel on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

If you would like to take part in the Happiness Series by contributing a happiness post or by answering the happiness interview questions, I’d love to have you! Find out more details on The Happiness Series Page.


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