The Happiness Series with The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

After a long break, I’m delighted to reintroduce The Happiness Series! My guest series where bloggers answer questions on happiness. This week I have the lovely Hannah from The Diary of an Ordinary Mum. Here she is on happiness…

1. Name three things in life that make you happy. And, please tell us a little about each one. My Family- My Toddler’s imagination always amazes me and makes me look at the world in a new and exciting way. Whilst my Tiny Tot’s smiles, even when she’s in pain from teething shows me that we can always find a positive in the negatives. Whilst my Husband’s (mostly) patient and laid back attitude helps me to relax in what can be a manic world.

Springtime- There is something about spring, the first sign of blooms, blue skies after a long winter and a warmer breeze that revitalises me and boosts my happiness.

Disney- Disney films never fail to help me realise that if we stay positive and push through the hard times we can achieve a beautiful, wonderful and happy outcome.

2. What’s something you do to find your happiness when you’ve lost it?

I look at my Children and try to draw on their excitement and happiness of life. My children have a way of knowing when I’m feeling a little glum and will always succeed in making me smile.

family-collage diary of an ordinary mum

3. What cheers you up after a long, difficult day?

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. (And of course my family, but, mostly chocolate).

4. Does your job make you happy? If you are a SAH parent, does that make you happy?

Currently, I am on maternity leave and loving it. I will be returning to work in August and although I will miss my littles seeing my wonderful and amazing colleagues each day will and does make the transition a little easier.

5. Share a happy memory with us. My Grandad flying my sister and I around their living room in a helicopter (wash basket) when we were small. Looking back now I can’t help but wonder how my Grandad had the strength to swing us around like he did but I love the imagination he always had to come up with fun and silly games for us.

6. Do you think money can bring happiness?

This is a regular discussion I have with my Husband. He finds money very important and is definitely a bringer of happiness for him. If his money drops or increases it definitely has a huge effect on his mood. I, on the other hand, wish that money wasn’t so important, for me as long as we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies I could live without the ‘luxuries’ of life (although I will admit they are nice to have). I would love to live a much simpler way of life and bring back a community of trading rather than money, money, money.

7. Is your happiness influenced by the things you do or the way you think?

For me it’s mainly the way I think, I used to struggle in the past with stress and low moods but after counselling, I’ve come to think about things in a whole new way. I am now very much a ‘glass half full’ thinking gal and a true believer of everything happening for a reason. This has had a hugely positive impact and influence on the things that I do.


8. Which would make you the happiest – a sun holiday, new car or a new job opportunity?

A Holiday, it doesn’t necessarily have to be sunny (although that would be a bonus!) but precious time with family away from everyday life and worries will always fill me with happiness.

9. Which wine makes you happier – red or white? ????

Errrm……. can I say hot chocolate?

10. Share a quote that makes you smile.

‘Laughter is Timeless, Imagination has no Age and Dreams are Forever’. – Walt Disney

I’m Hannah, a Mother of Daughters and a Wife. We are a family of explorers and I love to share our adventures, along with a few Yummy Bakes and Tips I have learnt from having two littles. Find Hannah on her blogInstagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

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