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Tuck Me In! is an interactive children’s book by Dean Hacohen & Sherry Scharschmidt.  It’s a simple yet hugely enjoyable concept.  Each page has a baby animal laying on a pillow.  The child turns a flap over to tuck the baby animal in.  Once the flap is turned over, the baby is cosy under its blanket & you are off to tuck in another baby animal. Each baby says “I do” when asked if they want to be tucked in.  I love that they are happy to go to bed. It’s a great message for little ones.

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The book teaches the names of animals & the words “I do” by repeating them on each page.  The book has been wonderful for my 2-year-old daughter.  She has a speech delay so we practice different things every day to encourage language.  The first time we read Tuck Me In! my daughter turned all of the flaps herself.  The second time we read it my 5-year-old son wanted to turn the flaps too so they took turns on every other page.  They tuck the baby in & give them a kiss! After finishing the book, my daughter was clearly saying “I do” & “my turn”. I was so proud of her & delighted with her new words.  Anytime I mention the Tuck Me In book, she says, “My Turn!”  She has also started saying the names of animals in the book.

tuck me in book

Last night we read it for the 5th time.  After we were done, I asked, “who wants to me tucked in”? And, my boys replied, ” I do” & my daughter repeated, “I do”.  They each climbed into their bed & smiled at being tucked in.  It’s amazing that this book creates a peaceful & positive mindset about going to bed.  It’s a family favourite in our house already.

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I’m delighted that the lovely people at Walker Books are supplying 5 Tuck Me In! books for my fantastic readers to win in a giveaway!  You can find more wonderful books like Tuck Me In! on their picture book party site. CLOSED

To enter the competition, simply choose from the options below. You may choose as many entries as you like & you may re-enter the competition every day. Good luck!

This competition is opened worldwide. The winner will be randomly selected by the Rafflecopter App.  The winner will be announced on August 4th via email and on Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received The Tuck Me In! book for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.

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