Turning Your Dream Design into Reality

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Bringing our thoughts and dreams into reality is an uplifting and exciting experience. We can spend so much time thinking about what we’d like to see in our lives and planning out designs and ideas in our minds. It’s so satisfying when we can finally hold that design in our hands or step into our thoughts in reality.

The tricky part can be the actual taking the design from a thought and turning it into a reality. Partnering with the right person or team is an important aspect to make sure everyone is on the same page in creating your ideas.

This summer I’m thrilled to have turned my precious Cuddle Fairy logo into a soft toy. That has been such a fun and rewarding experience. I’m going to tell you a bit more about that, and of course show you the photos. And a few other examples of taking our dreams and bring them into real life.


Turning Your Dream Design into Reality

For clothing designers, it’s an amazing moment to see your drawing on a real-life person. I was happy to work with Cece earlier this year. She is an Irish designer who also is a seamstress. Cece made the most beautiful top for me. It’s unique, comfy and made with love.

For designers who don’t sew or those who are looking to order on a large scale, then sourcing clothing manufacturers is a must. This is where getting the right fit is so important. Finding a company who understands your ethos and what you want to achieve makes all the difference.


hooks and dragons

It took me so long to decide on my blog name. It was agonizing. I wrote about it actually – the story of Cuddle Fairy. When I actually selected Cuddle Fairy, I could see my fairy logo in my mind. Getting the logo out of my head and onto paper was tricky. I found a graphic designer who I worked with. And after a lot of edits Cuddle Fairy was born. I was lucky to find someone who understood what I was looking for and was willing to make changes and listen to my suggestions.

Three years later, I’ve been wanting to take Cuddle Fairy off the page and into life as a soft toy. This isn’t as easy to accomplish as you might think. Luckily one of my Twitter buddies, Mrs. A of Hooks and Dragons is a very talented lady. She crocheted a Cuddle Fairy for me and 3 softies for my 3 kiddies. Her dedication to getting Cuddle Fairy right was really touching. She re-did her face several times. I’m sure you will agree it was well worth it as Cuddle Fairy softie turned out so well!

Myself and the kids equally are so thrilled to see Cuddle Fairy off the page as a multidimensional fairy.

hooks and dragons cuddle fairy soft toy


As you know, I moved from NYC to the West of Ireland 12 years ago. Yes, it was a huge change to every aspect of my life. It’s been a fantastic place to raise our 3 kids. We self-built our house, well, I helped with the design aspects and my husband did the actual building along with hired contractors.

I still remember the piles of paperwork like it was yesterday. There was so much behind the scenes work to be done in terms of designing the house and making decisions on building materials etc etc etc. It was a labour of love but well worth it to bring our dream house off the page and into our lives.

Positive Thinking

Our 12 Week Positivity Focus Summary

You know I couldn’t write this post without some positive thinking being involved! This is the ultimate example of bringing your dreams and thoughts into your reality. Do you realize that you are like a big magnet, attracting what you think and what you put out into the world? It’s true! Well, we have heard it before in many different forms such as, like attracts like or what goes around, comes around.

That’s why what we think and how we act is so important. As it is attracting like into our lives. I’m a big fan of gratitude and I’ve found that by actually practicing gratitude that I feel much happier and more goodness comes to me.

I practice gratitude by listing off all of the things I am grateful for first thing in the morning. I just do it in my mind while I am getting dressed and brushing my teeth. It’s a great way to start the day!

By being grateful for what we have now, we will draw more of that into our lives.

Whatever your dream may be, focus your mind to seeing it in reality and it will happen! What dreams are do you have that you’d like to see become a reality? Let me know in the comments. xx

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