The Gemstones in this pack are Natural, Grade A Quality Agate & Rock Crystals (clear quartz). 


I prepare the grid crystals in advance with the purpose of working as an energetic grid. The crystals in the pack are each energised, attuned and light coded by me.


Crystal grids provide a Light barrier around your space, holding in good vibes and keeping out lower frequencies or unwanted energies. 


How crystal grids can help you:

  • Create an energetic barrier around your space
  • Protective energy field
  • Calming and peaceful energy within the grid


Where to place crystal grids:

  • Around your bed 
  • In a single room of the house
  • Around the entire house either inside or outside
  • Around property perimeter 


What comes in the pack:

  • 4 Agate Crystals
  • 1 Rock Crystal
  • Pouch
  • Instructions on how to clear your space and