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If you’re feeling low and like you need a little peace of mind, there are a few things you can do to feel better almost instantly. Take a look!


Catch Up With A Friend 

Catching up with a friend can make us feel better almost instantly. Speaking to somebody that genuinely cares about what’s going on in your life is unbeatable – especially those friends you find yourself putting the world to rights for hours with! Reach out to somebody, even if you’ve not seen them for a while. Arrange a coffee date, or even lunch. You’ll feel better. 



Sounds like something for monks, but honestly, the benefits are profound. Do it for 5 minutes each day and see what happens. You can build up the time as you feel ready, and you should notice a much calmer disposition each day as a result. 



Stretching and balance are two things even gym goers often fail to focus on. Yoga combines everything; relaxation, a bit of strength, flexibility, and getting in touch with your breathing and body. One yoga session could have you feeling better for days! 


Use Oracle Cards 

Oracle cards could be a nice way to get a little uplifting message or inspiration for the day. You can buy all kinds of decks, so see which one you feel drawn to. 


Have Your Palm Read

Why not have your palm read for fun? You could even see if you can do it yourself using the infographic below!  


credit to Ask Astrology