I’m happy to have a guest post on the blog today that talks about how exercise & healthy lifestyle can affect our positive state of mind. Tyler from PTPioneer has created this amazing infographic that says it all! Take it away, Tyler…


Everyone, including myself, is always talking about the positive physical benefits that exercise and clean eating can have on your body. Exercise can help you lose that unwanted fat, build muscle in all the right areas and is extremely healthy for the heart. It seems to me that most people begin an exercise routine and diet in order to change the way they look.

Although there are dozens of physical benefits of diet and exercise, the mental benefits that you receive may even be more convincing for why you should start or continue with your exercise program and diet.

Even certified personal trainers all too often neglect to mention these benefits to their clients and that is why PTPioneer has created this infographic on how exercise and nutrition positively impact your mental well-being. It addresses all of the mental benefits that accompany dieting and exercise on a regular basis. The great thing about these benefits is that they can be seen long before you will realize the physical benefits of exercise. In fact, after your very first training session, you will be able to feel the difference. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the infographic and learn about all the benefits that you will receive.




Tyler has been working as a certified personal trainer for over 10 years specializing in weight loss and functional training with women between the ages of 30 – 65. He also enjoys helping others become industry leading personal trainers through his website PTPioneer.com and YouTube Channel.


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