4 Places to Visit and See Civil War Re-Enactments

*collaborative post

The Civil War is the most famous war ever to be fought on U.S. soil. Lasting a total of four years, there are lots of different battles, figures, and locations for history lovers to document and study. If you are completing an MMH program, you may want to actually take a trip and see how and where the Civil War took place. Instead of just reading a history book or walking through a museum, why not view a live Civil War re-enactment? See what it was like for the soldiers, medics, and historians who were around in the Civil War era by going to these four interesting places where real-life re-enactments still take place.

1. Fairfax, Virginia

A good number of battles during the Civil War took place in the state of Virginia, where the famous Battle of Fairfax was fought. Oddly, this battle was not waged between opposing armies made up of thousands of men nor did it last a considerable amount of time. However, the Battle of Fairfax set the tone early in the Civil War and it is remembered today by hundreds of dedicated re-enactment actors.