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5 activities to boost your child’s cognitive development

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Cognitive development simply relates to the way a child learns, interacts with their surroundings and acquires knowledge. It is vital for children to reach their full cognitive development, as this one thing makes the biggest difference to the way a child thinks, behaves and responds to those around them. Practising activities with your child that promote cognitive development is the best way to help them progress. Below is some advice from this prep school in Potters Bar on 5 activities to boost your child’s cognitive development.


Reading is one of the best activities to boost cognitive development in your child. This is because it exposes them to new words, ideas and concepts which helps to develop their language skills and expand their vocabulary. Reading also helps to stimulate their imagination and encourages creativity, as they imagine the worlds and characters that the writer describes. It also helps to improve concentration and focus, which can help in other areas of their life, such as when they start school.

Puzzles and games

This is another fantastic way to improve cognitive development in children. Puzzles and games help to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking, as well as improve memory. Games such as chess and checkers can help to develop strategic thinking and planning skills. Puzzles on the other hand can help to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Board games as well as card games, also provide opportunities for children to develop social skills, such as turn-taking, following rules and communicating effectively.

Music and Art

Music and art are also great activities to improve cognitive development. Music has been shown to improve skills that aid with school subjects such as maths and science. Learning an instrument can help to develop concentration, and once again, fine motor skills. Art on the other hand can help to develop creativity and imagination. Activities such as drawing and colouring work on improving hand-eye coordination in children.

Cooking and baking

An activity that is well-loved because of how fun the process is, not to mention the tasty treat at the end. This is a great one to practice with your child as it can help little ones to develop reading and math skills, as well as develop planning and organisational skills.

Outdoor play

By far the most exciting for little ones. Use this opportunity to help your child explore and discover. Outdoor play is great for improving gross motor skills such as running and jumping, as well as developing balance and coordination. It also provides a space for children to learn about the world and environment, which can help to develop their curiosity.

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