5 Quintessential Chair Sashes for Occasions

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It has been an age old practice to try a sash around chair covers to make them look more elegant. A lot of people prefer chair sashes over chair covers if they have decent looking chars with them for any occasion. It makes the chairs look attractive without compromising on the elegance. Now using chair sashes is becoming a trend at informal occasions too.

These sashes come in various designs and materials to suit different occasions. To ease up the buying, we have listed a few types one could have a look at and make his/her choice:

Chair Sashes In Organza

The light material of organza comes in bright and gorgeous colours of pastel and the standard sash length of 20cm*275cm along with a special issue of 30 cm* 275 cm nowadays. They add grace to standard chair covers and can also pull off any occasion if only tied around the back of the chair. Not just solid colours, but organza sashes also come in vertical stripes, floral patterns, vintage rose prints, polka dots, damask patterns, flock patterns and several other options.

Chair Sashes in Taffeta

Just a taffeta sash can transform any dull chair cover to statements of elegance and grace. The material is durable and comes in various colours of pastels and floral prints. They are suitable for all events, and the sashes are sold individually so one could buy as many as they need without having to buy them in proper sets. They also look extremely admirable even when used solo without chair covers.

Soft Satin Chair Sashes

Satin never goes out of fashion and has always remained as the most praised working material.  These sashes are sold individually but are available in bulk as well. Satin sashes are found in floral prints and animal prints too which add a touch of variety to its standard solid colours.

Lacey Chair Sashes

Go vintage with lace and a lovely brooch to finish the look. Lace gives you the old age sophistication with a modern charm which makes your chairs stand apart. These lace sashes come in various colours and floral prints. One can simply drape it around the backrest of the chair or tie it around the chair cover, it would look beautiful both ways.

The Common Chair Sashes

There are so many types of materials that are used to make sashes, apart from the ones mentioned above. One can have linen, hessian, premium lame, sequined and numerous others to craft beautiful chair sashes.


Chair sashes have always been a quintessential decoration accessory. We have discussed different types of chair sashes for one to choose from and we are sure there would be multiple options available in the market to satisfy ones choice.

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