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5 Ways to Honour Senior Citizens in Our Lives

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Within our day-to-day lives, we encounter many unsung heroes. There are people giving up their time to help others or to help the community in some way. Others who give donations and those who organize events to help others. The list goes on and on.

Many of these community leaders and volunteers are seniors. They have lots of life and work experience to share and the time available to share it. Unfortunately, these community heroes are rarely recognized for everything that they do to help others.

It's important to recognize the good things others do, especially when it is a senior volunteer. Just as they are giving to others, it will be a mark of respect and appreciation to give thanks and recognition to them.

With that in mind, here are five ways you can honour seniors in your life.

1. Say Thank You

This sounds oh so simple but oftentimes, we tell others how much we appreciate someone but we fail to tell the person themself. People don't volunteer and help their community for recognition but it still is nice to get it! So verbalising to the individual how much they mean to you, and the community, and saying the words 'thank you' will mean the world to the individual.

Saying thank you is a beautiful way to give some love and recognition to those who are supporting the community.

2. Give Them Public Recognition

Going a step further from a personal thank you, you can also give thanks and show appreciation on a more public scale. There are lovely and various ways to do this: from announcing their services at a local event or nominating them for an award.

Chums recently held a completion giving Rewards to Community Winners where they recognized and awarded three elderly women who are a great help to their communities.

3. Reach Out to Them

A simple way to recognize someone is to check in on them, and reach out to them. The elderly of the community do so much for others and it is lovely to give back to them. A really simple way to do so is to simply reach out to them. You can check in and see if they are okay if they need some shopping or help with anything around the house.

4. Encourage Bonding with Kids

Being around children is a boost to anyone. Children hold such beautiful energy of joy and unconditional love. Seniors and children make a great combination as the kids can learn from the seniors and the seniors can have a breath of fresh air with the children. When the senior is a family member, this furthers family bonding and helps with a feeling of fulfilment and belonging.

5. Involve Them

Going beyond simply checking in if they are okay, it is really nice to involve the senior members of your family and community in events, dinners, community get together, sporting events and other opportunities to be out. Involving the elderly gives them a continued sense of purpose and belonging which is great for their mental, emotional and physical health.

There are five simple ways to give back to your local seniors who are giving their time and efforts to support the community. Let me know if you have more ideas in the comments.

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