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8 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

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As the end of the school year quickly approaches, it's an excellent time to look for a nice gift for your children's teachers. Of course, there is always a lovely gift voucher or a usual token gift. But when you have a special teacher, it's a lovely gesture to give them something unique and something that they will really enjoy! With that in mind, here are 8 ideas for teacher gifts.


Most teachers have a great sense of humour when it comes to teaching and all of the joys that comes with looking after children all day. There are some really funny and also really inspirational t-shirts out there just for teachers. You can check out websites like teacher store that have a wide range of fun teacher t-shirts on offer.


Teachers can always use a bag. There are so many things they need to organise within the classroom that a bag could help with. They also need to bring supplies and homework from their home to school. So a good quality, strong bag would always come in handy for teachers. You can find bags that are aimed at teachers and would be a nice size for carrying things.


Stamps are a great way for teachers to mark good work on a student's paper. They can always use some new stamps and also ink pads to go along with the stamps.


A lovely pair of earrings always makes a special gift. Three are some really beautiful teacher earrings out there that are specially designed with teachers in mind. Teachers will love to wear their new earrings in the classroom!


A nice top is also a great gift for a teacher. Again, you can get nice tops that are made with teachers in mind, with positive or funny sayings on them.

Classroom Supplies

Unfortunately, most teachers could use more classroom supplies than what the school budget allows for. So getting some classroom supplies would make a really nice and also a practical gift for a teacher. Websites like teachergive have an extensive range of classroom supplies that would make wonderful gifts.


Teachers love to have some water, tea, coffee or juice with them at their desks during the day. A nice tumbler with a lid makes a great teacher gift, as it will prevent spills and also look great on the desk. You can get some really cute sayings for the teacher or get personalised ones with their name on it.


What teacher doesn't love stationary? You can't go wrong with a stationary gift for a teacher either. Rather than going for practical, and ordinary stationary, you can get ones with fun print on them to brighten your teacher's day.

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