How Do You Keep Wedding Guests Entertained During Pictures

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A photo session is a popular way to record your wedding for a future memorial. But as you take photos it is important to keep in mind your guests are seated somewhere waiting for you. It is therefore wise to get them something to keep them busy. Not just busy but entertained. They should not even feel like wedding mates are not around. This is a simple way to make your wedding memory. The question is, how easy is it to keep the visitors engaged in your absence?

During your wedding planning phase, it is important to have a clear layout of what will happen to your guests in your absence. You need a program of proceedings which should be adhered to the latter.

On the actual wedding day, remind the mc and the DJ to be at the top of their game. They will be the people in charge in your absence. But what should an mc and DJ do to keep your guests entertained?

Good music selection

This is the DJ’s sole responsibility. Although in some cases you may choose to give the DJ a playlist to play. The wisest thing to do is hire a professional DJ. Check his previous gigs and track record. It would be wiser if you would decide to seek a referral. Select a DJ you know will give your visitors good music. As you take your photos you will be certain your guests are having a good time.

Brain games

It is an mc’s role to light up an event as he/she is in charge of the wedding entertainment. For a wedding ceremony, you will also need a lively and creative mc. Your mc should come up with brain games and other interactive games to keep your guests engaged. The interactive gaming session will make your absence unnoticeable.

Joking sessions

The easiest way to stop your guests’ minds from tripping is having a joking session. This calls for a funny mc, or a creative mc able to bring together a team of funny comedians to your wedding. Make it a comedy show and see your visitors have a moment of their lifetime.

Dancing competitions

This calls for teamwork. You will need dancers, a hype man and the DJ to collaborate for successful execution. Having four to five teams of dancers or individual dancers will light up the event.

The mc will be instrumental in creating the right mood, initiating cheers and coordinating play. The DJ will be all about mixing and selecting the right music. The audience will be the judge.

Engage the guests

Let the DJ play music and allow visitors to enter the stage. Let them dance and have fun. Keep them engaged. The dj should be allowed to play the latest hit songs and special requests from the audience. Let him utilize his skills, experience and what the guests love.

Feed the guests

Food is the easiest way to keep your guests happy and active. Give them the best catering services and see your wedding get positive reviews. If you do a bad job in this department, you will have the most boring wedding there ever has been because you’d have killed the guests’ morale.

The Bottom Line

Wedding entertainment should be well planned since it determines whether the guests will leave happy or gloomy. Invest in a good entertainment team and the right catering company. There are several companies that offer quality entertainment at affordable costs. Reach out for one.

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