How to keep your family safe online using

collaborative guest post

Navigating the minefield of internet safety can be an overwhelming task. We all appreciate that there are risks involved in being online – both for us as parents and for our children – however the sheer amount of information available to us can result in what’s deemed as ‘security fatigue’. In other words, we know there’s a lot we should implement, but we just don’t know where to start and feel exhausted by the length of the to-do list.

Understandably, parents get overwhelmed and paralysed by the complexity of it all, resulting in no protection at all. Schools do their best at offering once-per-year presentations. However often we are just bombarded with alarming stories for an hour, so we leave scared witless at the indulgent descriptions of everything from online grooming to horrible cyber-bullying tales. So we return home with more questions than answers and limited outlets to get prac