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How to Kick-Start Your Career

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There can be many reasons your career might need a bit of a boost. Perhaps you took time off to have kids or you’ve been working part-time for a while and want to go back to full-time. Maybe you’ve been in the same role for a while and you’re looking to gain a promotion. Or, perhaps you are just feeling a little stuck and need a bit of a kick to motivate yourself again. It can be awful to feel stuck in a career that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t making you happy. So, here are some great tips for giving your stalled career a bit of a boost.

Take a Break

Sometimes all you need to fall back in love with your job is some time away. Just like how sometimes you need to leave the kids at kindergarten to remember how great they are. Take a vacation. Get away and don’t even think about work. We all need a proper rest occasionally and you may find that you return feeling motivated and ready to take on new challenges at work.


Online study is a fantastic option when it comes to pushing for a promotion or going into a different role. Many nurses go on to study an MSN to DNP online when they are ready for a change. Studying an online course like a nurse practitioner doctorate degree means you can study in your own time around work, while still gaining the qualification and knowledge you need to boost your career.

Professional training and development can help you take the next step in your career and also explore other specialties within your working field. For instance, if working as an RN in the same facility is no longer challenging you as a nurse and you are looking for a change you could check out aesthetic nurse programs. You can check out different nursing positions online on industry-focused platforms such as PRN nursing careers, and Nursebuff.

Ask for Help

If you are really struggling at work and feel like you’re getting nowhere or you don’t know what to do to make a change, speak to someone. Ask a colleague or friend for some advice or sit down with your manager. You might find they tell you you’re doing great and that all you need is a confidence boost. Or, they might sit down with you and help you to make a plan which sets you on the right path. Either way, regular appraisals are incredibly important when it comes to having a happy career so don’t be afraid to ask.

Smarten Up

Smartening up is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and make a great impression. Make it clear that you are trying hard and aiming for the sky. Go shopping and buy some smart new work clothes and some power shoes. You could even get a new haircut or try a different color. Then, walk into work with your head held high. Look like the successful person you aim to be and you may just start to feel like it.

Get Out

Sometimes, when you are in a career that’s going nowhere and is making you unhappy it’s best to just let it go. Don’t hang on hoping something will change because you feel like you should. Things change, people change. Don’t rush any decisions. Take a break and think about it long and hard, but remember, it is never too late for a change of career. Think about what you want to do and go out and get it.

When we spend so much time working, it’s important to be happy there. So, follow these great tips to help you achieve success and happiness in the workplace.

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