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How to make bath-time more bearable for the kids (and you)

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A lot of kids love bath time – but for others, the sound of the bath filling, having to get undressed and being “cold” is a que for tantrums, paddies and incoherent screaming. Its got to be easier than this right?

Well you’re in luck, because here we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make bath time and its aftermath much more manageable! Having a bathroom that’s suitable to you and your families needs is a must. There are so many wonderful bathroom ideas out there that you can take inspiration from in designing yours. anchor bathroom ideas.

Safe & fun accessories

Firstly, have you considered if your child feels safe in the bath? It could be the reason why they protest so much. Even if you’re there, the idea of slipping of getting water in their eyes might be what’s putting them off having fun. Simple things like grab bars, or something like a blue tooth speaker to play your child’s favourite songs to help them relax might help. Companies like can give you some inspiration.

Are you ready?

Before you even tell your kids it’s bath time, make sure you have a few things in place. So things like towels hung nearby and some that are already laid on the floor to minimize puddles from the inevitable splashing.

Also, have a few toys ready, but only a few—no need to allow your kid to bring every toy they own into the tub because that just creates more work for you to clean up! Make sure you have a flannel or washcloth to hand, so you never have to run the risk of leaving your child unattended in the bath. Finally, have your phone charged and ready, because while the kids love playing in the water, it can get pretty boring for you without Facebook to scroll through!

Get your expectations in line

If you’re thinking that maybe, just maybe, this time you’ll be able to get the kids bathed and in dry clothes in no more than 5 minutes, you’re setting yourself up to fail. If you’re thinking there won’t be a mess of water, soap, toys and tub-crayons by the end of this ordeal, you’re kidding yourself. If you think you won’t get wet at all, you’ll be very disappointed!

So, to save yourself some frustration, go into bath time with appropriate expectations: you will get wetter than you want, you will deal with at least one tantrum, crying, or complaining, and you will have aching knees and/or back after only a few minutes of trying to catch your slippery kid so you can wash them. If you’re already expecting this to be a rough 15 minutes on your end, then you won’t be surprised when it is!

Have your kids help clean up the mess

They need to learn that if they are going to ignore you and continue to splash all over the place, that they are responsible for the consequences!

A toddler is perfectly capable of helping you mop up puddles or wipe water-crayon off the walls, and older kids can definitely squeeze out, or at least hang, their washcloth, towel and put toys away. Eventually, you won’t have to do any of the clean-up yourself, and your kids learn responsibility.

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