More Time for Family: A Quick Guide for Working Moms

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Juggling between trying to be a mom and working a full-time job is never easy. It is even trickier when you also have other dreams in mind, such as earning a master’s degree or getting your own business off the ground. Nevertheless, fulfilling your role as a mom is the most important thing to do.

I spoke to a lot of working moms in recent weeks. Some working moms worry about not having enough time to spend with the kids and the family. Others are more organized and know exactly how they can balance their personal and professional lives. These next several insights will help you become the latter without hassle.

Focus on Quality

Quantity matters, but the quality is always more important. The amount of time you spend with your children will only be as good as the attention you give them during that time. You can still provide them with the right experiences and be the mom you aspire to be by giving children your full attention when you’re with them.

Start by turning off your phone as soon as you get home or when you’re ready to spend time with the children. This eliminates most of the distractions so you can easily focus on the activities you share with your children.

Focusing on quality is a great way to bond with the kids too. They notice when you’re giving them your full attention – and when you’re not – and the attention you give matters to them too.

Organize Your Time

There are ways you can manage your time to your advantage. Committing to an office hour, for example, is a great way to limit the amount of time you spend at (and for) work. Create a plan and stick to it. There will be days when getting more work done is very tempting, but you have to be strict regarding your time management.

You can do the same with other activities too. A friend who works as a tax consultant decided to transfer to the online MST program of Northeastern University so she can spend more time at home. Online courses are far more flexible than their offline counterpart. The online tax course allows her to still pursue her master in taxation degree while giving her the chance to spend more time at home.

Mornings and Weekends

One last trick you can try is to turn mornings and weekends into family time. Mornings are great because you and the kids spend every morning together. Get them involved in creating a morning routine that all of you enjoy and the start of your days will be so much better.

Weekends are much easier to handle. Plan weekend getaways, family activities, or simple routines that the family really enjoy. Going to a nearby waffle place or spending Saturday evening watching family-friendly movies are simple activities, but they are activities that the entire family (especially the kids) can enjoy. It’s these little things, the small details you put in place, that make the time you spend with the kids more valuable.

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