Only These: The 11 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

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While it’s debatable whether women outdo men in the shopping department, the result is always an accumulation of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. With a cluttered closet, the chances for a favorite skirt or shirt to slip in a pile or the hangers are pretty high.

For the women out there, including you, who are tired of seeing clothes disappear and dealing with the “What to wear today?” question, a wardrobe revitalization can help. Set aside a weekend to go over the contents and sort what to don, dispose of, or donate. If you have trouble parting with some of them, this list of closet staples can be a beacon of light during this difficult time.


Jeans will never go out of style, plus they are versatile for any occasion. Find your good pairs, those that are flattering to your form and match your shoes.

Some classic cuts are skinny, slim fit, tapered, and straight cut. A dark wash is preferable for day or night functions. Trendy jeans that may have been denim disasters have to get out of your closet.


It can be a gown for black-tie affairs or one that is flouncy and dreamy for garden parties. A frock is a good reminder to feel feminine sometimes, and if you feel exposed, you can hide under a jacket. The decision to cut back on the number of your dresses may be too much, so take a deep breath and sort.

Leather Jacket

It’s an investment and a keeper. To make a statement piece, you can throw a basic T-shirt underneath your jacket and exude a cool and edgy aura. Wear the jacket over a silky blouse or a flowing dress, and you are ready to party. Partnering it with your striped tee and jeans for carefree café days is also advisable.

Basic White T-Shirt

Hold on to your white tee because it is utilitarian and styled in so many ways. If you have a roomy shirt, you can tuck it partly in front for a relaxed vibe.

A fitted plain shirt goes well with a printed, patterned, or colored skirt with slits. The V-neck version calls for a bold necklace or the tiered types. And because you have the shirt as canvas, you can go whimsical with jewelry.

Denim Jacket

Like the leather jacket, denim jacket doesn’t get old. It fends off the chill during spring and winter and balances out summery dresses. Do you have the classic blue jean jacket, the white one, or something colored? There are plenty of ways to wear a jean jacket and strut your style.

Button-down Shirt

Job interviews and corporate events automatically mean taking out the crispy button-down shirt, which often comes in white. However, many occasions deserve this white button-down, such as going to a concert, vacationing somewhere warm, or picking out flowers. The idea is to wear with a cute skirt, frayed shorts, or patterned pants as the weather dictates.

Athletic Wear

If you don’t go out that much to exercise, your jogging pants or a tracksuit will remind you. These clothes are made for freedom of movement when you stretch and stride. For winter running, give yourself a ponytail beanie hat that keeps you warm and tucks your locks or curls into a loop.

Black Trousers

Save a decent pair of black or dark-colored trousers. These work pants come in a variety of styles: high waist, pleated, wide leg, crop, wrap, skinny, and straight. Experiment with heels, flats, oxfords, and loafers. And while black trousers are understandably dull, you can party in them with a shiny blouse or sparkly sandals.

T-Shirt Bra

Needless to say, an everyday bra won’t go away. It’s a staple that provides adequate coverage and support without drawing attention. Because bras are worn regularly, you have a free pass to have three or more.

Comfort Shoes

Your adult life demands ballet flats and heeled shoes, as well as sneakers, trainers, or comfortable slip-ons, like the ones from Mephisto shoes. Wash your comfortable shoes first, or pour baking soda to get rid of any smell. Then you are ready to exercise or give your feet a much-needed rest after wearing heels for a week.

Tote Bag

If there’s one bag you need to hold on to, it’s that leather tote bag collecting dust. It may look big for office wear, but it can store your life’s essentials. This roomy tote bag is a great companion for sleepovers and vacations.

What to Do with Discarded Clothing

You can strip clean your closet with these items as a base for a minimalist wardrobe. As to the unwanted and unnecessary clothes, shoes, and accessories, cash in on them.

Put up a page or shop online to sell your extra stuff. If the items still have tags or look vintage, you can probably sell them for a higher price. The key is to provide customers with quality merchandise and service.

By this exercise, you have freed up your closet and added a prospective viable source of income.

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