Procedural Info About Laser Hair Removal

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Have you ever wanted to get rid of the hair you regularly shave or wax away for good? If so, you are not alone. Many people dread the repetitive process of at-home hair removal, no matter what technique or combination of techniques they use.

I for one have gone to town to have my legs waxed for a few years now. I really can’t bear to do it at home. Laser hair removal may be the next best thing to fully getting rid of hair, since it prolongs the time it takes hair to grow back. It’s interesting to learn the procedure for laser hair removal and how it all works, so I have this article for you today that explains it more.

Targeting Each Full Hair with Lasers

Lasers are precise devices. They do not make the types of mistakes that are common with certain at home hair removal procedures, especially shaving. For example, when you try to shave hairs in a large area, such as on your legs, it can be easy to miss a stray hair or two. Lasers do not miss. Their calibrations allow them to target all the hairs present in the area of focus.

Another aspect of the precision of lasers is penetration. Lasers have the ability to penetrate through your skin layers and get to the hair follicles. The follicles are the root systems of your hair. By targeting both the hairs themselves and the roots, tools for laser skincare are able to do what many other hair removal treatments cannot. That is they can eventually remove full strands of hair for extended periods, such as several weeks. Some treatment results can even last for a month or longer.

Areas of Your Body to Treat with Laser Hair Removal

There are few rules when it comes to parts of your body you can treat with laser hair removal. The device cannot be used too close to your eyes. It also cannot treat hairs protruding from internal areas like your ears or nose. Most other body parts are easily treated with lasers, but some are more popular than others. For example, lasers are commonly used to remove hair from bikini lines, underarms, and legs.

When dealing with our beautiful faces, everyone would love to have clear, bump-free skin which comes down to our daily routine. To avoid bumps on face and forehead, daily exfoliation and cleansing is key. Resist the urge to pop any bumps and speak to your dermatologist.

Attending a Session for Laser Hair Removal

In general, laser hair removal lasts for less than an hour, but occasionally sessions can be longer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are laser appointments that only last for a few minutes. The part of your body you want to treat will influence the length of the appointment. During the session, cooling machines or numbing salves will be used to keep your skin feeling as comfortable as possible. However, laser treatment is not totally without discomfort. You may also experience temporary swelling or redness for a short time after your session is over.

Why There are Laser Hair Removal Repetition Requirements

Laser hair removal is almost never recommended as a one-time treatment. The name of the procedure is a slight misnomer. It is more accurate to call it “laser hair weakening.” With each session, the hairs and roots (follicles) are made weaker and weaker until they fall out. That typically takes up to six initial sessions. The sessions are spaced apart to allow time for each treatment to take effect and your skin to heal. Therefore, a complete series of sessions can take up to a few months.

Budgeting for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

If you want to have laser hair removal, you must budget for it. Make sure your clinic quotes you a price per session and another price per series of sessions. Expect the price to be influenced by the size of the area you want to treat and how much hair growth you have. For example, you may pay only a few hundred dollars for an entire series on a small area like your chin. However, areas like your legs may cost one or two thousand dollars in total.

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