Putting Pen To Paper (Or Fingers To Keyboard!): Being Regular In Your Blogging Output

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It’s one of the most essential, yet stressful practices every blogger can undertake. Being regular in your output is, as it encapsulates everything about you, from your social media presence to your ranking in the search results. But, being regular in your blogging output is quite an undertaking when it’s just you doing everything. So, with that in mind, are there any ways for us to ensure we are blogging on a regular basis?


There are so many distractions that can stop us from blogging on a regular basis. The big issue is that we use these obstacles as a reason not to blog. Procrastination is the bane of any writer because getting thoughts on to the screen or coming up with the right combination of words is incredibly exhausting! So this means we’ve got to ensure that we have a clear runway, so to speak.

The Pomodoro method works well in this respect because it’s a way to be productive but also gives you that opportunity for mental downtime. But in addition to this, if we are trying to be as regular as clockwork with our content, but we haven’t got the best of computers, especially if that dreaded “black screen of death” keeps cropping up or even the blue screen makes an appearance.

And if you constantly fall prey to technical issues, and you wonder what are the top 10 IT support issues, if your computer ticks most of these boxes, you have to either invest in a new computer or become a bit more IT savvy. Superfluous problems come in many different ways, and if you are not being as regular in your blogging as you want to be, it’s about focusing on blogging only.


As good quality blogging results from you putting the hours in, you have to turn it into a habit. If you write one blog now and again, and it’s not getting the hits or the shares, as painful as it is, it’s worth looking over your blog and seeing if it’s actually any good.

And as difficult as it is to assess our own work, if we know that we can do better, we have to learn by doing. As is the cliché, don’t get it right, get it written. After all, you can make changes to it afterwards, but you may have spent hours on this blog that you just want to get rid of it and hit the “publish” button, despite not giving it a thorough checking over.

But there are ways for us to learn from our blogging mistakes, especially as writing is concerned. You could use an app like Grammarly or, to hear it been spoken out loud, you can get one of the many reader apps. This will give your blog another voice, and it will be nice to hear, especially if there is a sentence that doesn’t click.

To be regular in your blogging output, it’s not just about coming up with the ideas, but it’s about the art of practising it on a regular basis and turning it into a habit. The more you do it, the better you will get. And the reason it’s difficult to be regular at this moment is that you aren’t investing as much time as you really should. It’s as simple as that!

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