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Romantic getaway ideas perfect for Valentine’s Day

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January is finally behind us. The longest month of the year and the only month of the year that seems to last forever is over, and that’s cause for celebration, right?

As well as this, we can also look forward to Valentine’s Day… great news for those of us who are loved up, or those of us who are looking for an excuse for a rendezvous with our best friends.

So, where are the best romantic getaway locations to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Paris, France

Paris is undoubtedly the city of love and you can’t mention romance with talking about it! So why not make it a Valentine’s Day to remember with a romantic stroll around one of the most picturesque cities of Europe? You can marvel at the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, indulge in many croissants and too much wine, before enjoying a show at the Moulin Rouge – Parisian passion is the best kind of romance!

Rome, Italy

The Trevi Fountain, Baroque chinches and cobbled piazzas will make for the perfect Instagram posts of you and your love. The alfresco trattorias are to die for, with the most delicious pizza and pasta dishes you could wish to savour. The mild weather is also pleasant at this time of year… we don’t want things hotting up too much, or do we?

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is certainly a fitting destination for a Valentine’s break – it’s the resting place of St. Valentine himself. The Irish capital is amassed with romantic date ideas; gentle strolls through the rolling green hills, selfies between the castles and cathedrals, sharing a pint of Guinness at the famous brewery. Feeling lucky in love? Get yourself to Ireland this February!

London, UK

The capital certainly shows it’s soft side on February 14th, with many love-themed events and shows to take advantage of. Walk hand-in-hand alongside the star-lit River Thames or embark on the London Eye during nightfall for a stunning birds-eye-view of the city.

From immersive entertainment to cabaret shows and DJ sets, there’s no better place to spend this romantic holiday. If you’re after a one-person party with a glass of wine and a good book – head to Little Venice and soak up a rare slice of London’s calmer waterways. The canal-side cafes and colourful narrowboats will fill you full of Valentines’ cheer for sure!

Lisbon, Portugal

Stately museums, gothic cathedrals, ancient monasteries, and as many Pasteis de Nata as your heart desires, make Lisbon a more than a suitable destination for Valentine’s Day. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the city for you – the oven-baked egg tarts are baked to perfection wherever you choose to dine and are sure to be even sweeter than your bae. Lively, vibrant, colourful, cultural and inexpensive – what’s not to love!

Whether you’re staying in the heart of Rome, overlooking the River Seine or residing in the Dorsett Hotel, Shepherds Bush, make it a Valentine’s Day to remember with your loved one. Then, we can start the countdown to pancake day and those delicious, chocolate Easter Eggs to follow.

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