Staying Energized this Summer with Berocca

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We have been loving our summer holidays – with three kiddies at home, my house has been a busy spot. We had enjoyed trips to the beach, football matches and a weekend away. Every day there is something else to do.

It was the nicest summer we have spent together being honest. My youngest is 4 so it was the first year we could get around easily without risk of someone melting down. And we took full advantage of that. 🙂

But I started feeling like I just couldn’t manage everything. Between running around with the kids, cooking meals, housework & keeping my blog going, I felt like I was failing at everything. And I was getting an afternoon slump where I’d have a nice chocolate or few biscuits to keep me going.

So I decided to try something new to keep my energy and vitamins up – I took Berocca. Berocca is the UK’s number one energy vitamin.* It is full of 8 B vitamins including vitamins B1 and B2 which work with your body to release your natural energy, helping you to feel energized during the day.*

I take Berocca after my breakfast and I find it’s keeping me more energized. I definitely feel a boost from it!

Taking Berocca is easy. I put one of the orange tablets into a glass & added 200 ml of water. The tablet fizzes up to create an orange effervescent drink as you can see here…


And that’s my boost for the day done. It’s easy, tasty and I’ve found a nice energized feeling from taking Berocca this summer.

The best part is that I’m feeling better about fitting everything into the day. More energy means a happier mommy! Which means more trips to beach & more fun. 🙂

at the beach

summer berocca

*information from Berocca’s website. 

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