The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Kids

collaborative guest post

As a parent, you may not have considered extracurricular activities to be particularly important for your children, or something that should be focussed on. However, they actually come with an abundance of benefits, both in terms of academia and on a personal level. Extracurricular activities are usually available to students of both public and independent schools but fall out of the scope of the regular curriculum. They range from music lessons to being part of a sports team.

Going above and beyond

By being involved with one or more extracurricular club, a child is going above and beyond their required school commitments. This says a lot about them as a person and what they can handle or are willing to achieve, which will help them when it comes to applying to universities and future jobs. It requires the ability to manage one’s time effectively, while showing initiative and dedication. What’s more, extracu