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The Benefits of Journaling for Children

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If you’re looking for a way to get your child to write more and work on their English skills, you may want to encourage them to take up journaling. It's also a great way to reflect and be more mindful which can in turn help with their emotional well-being as they will have an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings. They can write about whatever they like, so it will feel like homework and be an enjoyable activity. Here are some more benefits of journaling that were shared with us by an independent school in Surrey.


If your child’s a little younger, journaling can be particularly useful as a method of improving their handwriting. The repetition and practice will allow them to hold their pencil better and work on creating fluidity in how they write.

Written Communication

Another is that they will improve their written communication. Throughout and after they leave school, they will need to be able to write and do so concisely. Writing regularly will teach them to convey themselves effectively through words and achieve higher grades at school.

Find a Hidden Talent

The ability to write is a talent in itself. Words are powerful and can inspire and evoke feelings. It’s a talent which they can use to their advantage and choose to pursue a writing career.


A journal can all help children to stay organised. Whether they have homework that needs to be done or commitments outside of school, they can keep a log and ensure that it’s completed.


Keeping a journal can also give a child perspective when going through challenging situations. They can write about things that have happened and gain clarity.

Managing Emotions

This point stems from the last in that writing can help children to understand themselves and what they’re going through better. They can understand whether it is jealousy that they feel or if they’re missing a loved one. They can also use it as a means to let off steam. Instead of acting off impulse and letting out their frustration on those around them, they can use their journal as an outlet and think about how to handle situations instead.

These are just a few examples of how journaling can benefit children. We hope that this post was helpful and provided insight. For more parenting resources and guides, stay up to date with what I post and feel free to take a look at my other blogs.

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