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The Importance Of Healthy And Happy Skincare

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Many have heard the famous children’s riddle, “what’s the largest organ of your body?”. The answer, of course, is…your skin! Both practical and aesthetic, your skin weathers the world, protecting you, it can be there to be decorated, and sometimes we forget it’s there at all. The importance of skincare cannot be overstated, yet few people know of skincare options outside of lotions and creams. Likewise, very few know the importance of, or even the use of, a derma roller. However, the protection and repairing effects that one can have on your skin are enormous.

What are Derma Rollers and How Can They Help Your Skin

Derma rollers used to be a type of skin treatment you would have to pay a dermatologist for. Thanks to advances in technology and information, it is rapidly becoming an easy and effective home treatment for your skin, with minimal training.

Derma rollers, also called microneedling, are not handheld rollers with very small, fine needles placed on the surface. Using these microneedles and your body’s natural repair and growth capabilities, you can have your skin glowing and healthy in 5 days or less.

When rolled across your skin, these microneedles create very fine, very small punctures. They are so small that these treatments are considered non-invasive when provided by dermatologists. This is because it does not cause damage to the actual outer layer of skin.

However, it does break down scar tissue and cause very small amounts of superficial bleeding. This, in turn, stimulates the body’s growth and repair responses, including amping up collagen production. Collagen is a chemical that reduces small wrinkles and makes your skin firmer.

Improvements In Home Skincare And How To Use A Dermaroller

You should always be careful when using any medical process, especially with anything you put inside your body or on your skin. That is why doing the research and finding the right derma roller can take some time. However, your skin will thank you. So the first thing to do is to find a derma roller that is well-reviewed and from a well-known source.

The next step is to sterilize the roller by spraying it lightly with an alcohol solution and rinsing it in hot water. Then, use your normal face wash to clean your face (or whatever part of the body you want) and then will gently holding your skin taught. Next, roll over each section of your face 3 times. Once doing so vertically, then horizontally, then diagonally.

Because this process temporarily opens up the pores of your skin, it is also a good idea to apply any moisturizer or lotions you may use after using the derma roller. This will optimize the effects of these products.

Be Safe And Healthy

Using a derma roller is still a relatively new “from-home” option, so it is advised to talk to a doctor before purchasing and using one, especially if you have a history of blood-clotting issues or skin issues. Once you confirm it is safe to use, your skincare world can be opened like never before.

Whether you have scar tissue, small wrinkles forming, or lines forming, or if you want to help your body’s natural rejuvenation cycle, derma rollers are at the forefront of skincare today. So start your path to healthy and glowing skin today!

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