The Small Efforts That Help You Build Inner Confidence

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Confidence is not a resource that has an unlimited supply. Much like a fire, it needs to be fuelled. In damp, dark or breathless environments, that flame can slowly start to fall into embers. That being said, these embers are never fully extinguished. Even if you go through very intense and harmful life situations, situations that leave you feeling much less than you are, you can still nurture those emblems to a full, fiery passion.

Fire is a good metaphor to use for confidence, because in some people we can see it raging out of control. This is where confidence slowly becomes arrogance, and that can be dangerous. Building clean, humble confidence is the best way to focus on yourself and move towards the best version of you, no matter who you are or what you hope to accomplish in life. To that end, it’s worth giving yourself permission to begin. When you can do that, you slowly start to blossom. However, it’s important to realize that it’s not always the great achievements that give you confidence, but the smaller daily considerations that can aid you on your path.

Mind Your Self-Talk

Don’t be afraid to mind your self talk. After all, these conversations and ideas you hold can get stronger or go unquestioned if you don’t think about them. For instance, you might not go to a parter that night because you feel everyone there is cooler than you and you feel somewhat put-out by attending. But are they really cooler than you, or are you not giving yourself enough credit? What makes you so sure of where you fall on the ‘coolness’ hierarchy, and does that even matter in the first place? Of course not. When you mind your self-talk you can catch yourself out like this, and from there start to build healthier personal narratives.

Try New Aesthetics

Try a new aesthetic, or don’t be afraid to care for you appearance. It isn’t vain, it’s a celebration of you, and getting involved in fashion or style that makes you feel confident is a great way to rock who you are. Through finding the best silver hoop earrings or trying a new form of aesthetic, such as wearing extra chains for that hip approach, you can enjoy expressing yourself in the best possible way.

Exit Your Comfort Zone

Move past your comfort zone from time to time. We all have to learn how to do this sooner or later, be that willingly or unwillingly. It’s much better to make a friend of this rather than simply existing to the point you feel comfortable with. Take salsa lessons with a friend, or try that yoga class, or try to perform comedy at that open mic. The more you can try and expand in life then the more your comfortable borders will be felt around more active and interesting events, and this can help you feel less worried in your everyday life. That in itself translates directly to confidence.

With this advice, we hope you can build inner confidence in the best, smartest manner.

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