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The Traveling Lifestyle: Advantages and Disadvantages

Some people love nothing more than travelling around. They might own an RV and roam around the countryside. Others might get six-month apartment leases, but at the end of each one, they pack up and move.

If you do this, you might have wanderlust. It’s the desire to never be in the same place for very long. There are some wonderful things about living this way, but there are some not-so-great aspects of it as well.

Let’s get into a little more detail about why this lifestyle may or may not be for you.

You Never Get Bored

Some people don’t like being in the same situation for very long. Are you like that? If so, you might have to contact a divorce lawyer every time your spouse does something that irritates you. You may have multiple exes and a lengthy failed relationship history.

If you have wanderlust, this fits the profile as well. You probably go from city to city and state to state. Because of this, you will likely never get too bored because if you ever start to feel that way, you can pack up and leave. One great advancement in travel these days is this easy way to do your laundry while you are travelling.

The travelling lifestyle entails using transportation of many kinds. One of the easiest ways to make a booking is to use a website that offers price comparisons on airport transfers. It will save a lot of time searching websites or waiting at the airport for a taxi.

You’ll See Many Different Things and Meet Diverse People

If you have wanderlust, you might also live all around the country or even around the world. Many people like you become well-rounded individuals because they see so many different things. If you remain in one place your whole life, you will stagnate, and you cannot grow.

If you travel around a lot, you will meet various people and see how they live. You might take some of their wisdom to heart, while at the same time, you will learn about some ways of living and being that you’d rather discard. Grab info on the 12 best mobility friendly places to stay in the U.K. so accessibility won't be a question mark during your stay.

It’s Harder to Advance in Your Work

As for some negatives with this lifestyle, work-related issues are at the top of the list. You will typically only be able to take short-term work because it’s doubtful that you will be at a company long enough to move up the ranks.

When a potential boss interviews you, they will see that your resume has gaps in it. They might notice that you’ve worked at ten different companies in the last five years.

Even if you are very good at one particular thing, it’s going to be hard to build a sterling reputation if you’re constantly moving from place to place. You might be able to do some type of online work.

That’s one of the more realistic solutions to this problem in the modern era. You might be a freelance writer or editor. You could be a web designer. All you need is Wi-Fi in order to do those things.

You’ll Make It Tough on Your Spouse and Kids

If you marry someone, and if you have kids, the nomadic lifestyle is going to be difficult for them. Your kids will struggle to make friends. It will be challenging for them to get the education they need unless you take the time to homeschool them.

Your spouse will need to have the same mentality that you do. If you feel like moving around all the time, but they do not, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to stay together for very long.

You Can’t Build Equity

Moving around when you’re younger isn’t so much of an issue, but as you get to be a little bit older, it can be more problematic.

If you live in one place, such as if you buy a house, then you are also building equity, which is another way of saying that you are creating financial security. If you don’t ever own a home, and you’re either renting apartments or living in an RV, then your financial situation will probably not be very secure.

If you’re going to wander around the country or the world, you’ll be much more able to do it if you are independently wealthy. Perhaps if a rich relative left you some money or something along those lines, then you might be okay living like this for a long time.

The nomadic lifestyle is certainly not for everyone. It takes a particular type to do this for any length of time. 

However, you might have a compulsion to do it. Wanderlust is not something you choose. Instead, it chooses you.

You might be able to do it for several years, but eventually, most people settle down, even if they don’t necessarily like that term.

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