Top Trending Safeway Wedding Cakes

*collaborative guest post

One of the biggest parts of the wedding reception is the cake. Wedding cakes are made to be spectacular, unique, and delicious, and guests all enjoy getting to choose a piece from either the groom’s table, the bride’s table, or even both tables. However, some brides have a difficult time finding the best cakes out there for their wedding. They’ve probably been shopping at local bakeries that have prices far out of their budget. What they probably haven’t considered is Safeway. Safeway cakes are delicious and budget-friendly. They are beautifully decorated as well. Here are a few of the top Safeway wedding cakes.

Three Tiers

Safeway isn’t just known for their single layer cakes. In fact, they even specialize in several wedding cake options like the three-tier and the two-tier. The three-tier wedding cake comes in so many different designs and options. You can choose your wedding colors, whether to add a lacy detail or if you want frosting flowers or silk flowers. Safeway creates the cake on the inside of your choice, and you can even mix up the layers if you want. The three-layer wedding cake is one of the top Safeway wedding cakes because it serves the most guests. It is also budget friendly, sitting around $117 for the cake. Check out all the Safeway wedding cakes prices to get a feeling of their rates and what they can offer you for your money.