Why External Wall Insulation is a Great Choice

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With heating costs steadily rising year on year, is it time to get your house in order?

Domestic insulation standards have improved over the years and so too have the technologies and processes that keep your home warmer for longer. External insulation wasn’t always an option for many houses and even 10 years ago, it was an expensive choice that didn’t make sense for many homeowners. But with improved insulating systems and streamlined building methods, people can now halve their annual home heating bills.

External insulation is a bit like that ‘extra jumper’ your father told you to put on in the winter months. It wraps the outside of your home in a protective layer that reduces the dew point of the walls, stopping thermal bridges and keeping your house from leaking its thermal mass.

Be Warmer

Many homes lose up to 30% of their heat, through poorly insulated walls. Whilst cavity wall insulation is a great way of reducing this, it’s not suitable for many homes. That’s where external wall insulation comes in. By improving the building seal, homeowners can get a positive ROI within 10 to 15 years. And with the ever-increasing energy costs, it’s likely this investment will pay off before then.

A Home Upgrade

External insulation gives your home a complete makeover. Whilst the cheapest option to a white render there are many choices to suit your home’s environment and your preference. There are also a range of different finishes, from scrapped texture to roughcast. And a beautiful home is always more attractive on the market should you choose to sell.

Reduce Condensation & Mould

External wall insulation creates a new breathable, waterproof layer that’s low maintenance. It stops water entering the building seal but allows water vapour out giving you a healthier home. This reduces the amount of condensation and stops mould caused by wet walls.

A Quieter Home

Noise pollution can have an awful impact on our well-being and living next to a busy road, we often learn to tune out the ever present roar of cars. It’s still there though and can cause stress levels to rise whether we realise it or not. External wall insulation, when paired with double or triple glazing, can make a significant reduction to noise levels from the outside world.

SEAI Grants

Whilst still not a ‘cheap’ way to insulate your home, Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland have significant grants of up to €6000 making it a much more realistic option. The SEAI estimate that external insulation would benefit 1.7 million home owners across the Republic. And to date, 35,000 homes have taken advantage of the grant scheme.

Energy Efficiency for a Greener World

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint.  Whether it’s the increasing number of electric cars on the road, or the call to reduce single use plastic in packaging, the trend in society is toward a less impactful way of living. And having an energy efficient home not only makes financial sense, but also has means that we are living in a more sustainable way to preserve the environment for future generations. Greener.ie are one company encouraging people to make the transition toward a brighter future.

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