I’ve always loved fashion. When I lived in NY I lived for fashion shows, vogue magazine & working as the Marc by Marc Jacobs store ambassador in Nieman Marcus. Now, as a stay at home mom of 3 young kiddies in the West of Ireland, my day to day fashion had slacked. I turned to comfy clothes for my days at home & stopped feeling good about how I look. Happily, I’ve recently updated my wardrobe & have reignited my love for fashion. I like to share my personal style, reviews & fashion events. I hope you enjoy my fashionable posts. x


Fashion Posts:

Shopping Online with Lyst

With Christmas right around the corner, the eternal question will be asked by every woman standing in her closet - "what am I going to wear?!" Despite there being hangers full of clothing, when a night out comes up, magically there is nothing to wear. I like to buy...

Galway Fashion Trail 2015

It's been a few days since I attended the Galway Fashion Trail 2015 & I'm still buzzing from the amazing experience! I'm honored to have been one of the twenty bloggers selected to follow the fashion trail as a VIP. Eight shops around Galway city hosted a fashion...

Quote of the Week 27

Yesterday, I attended the very first Galway Fashion Trail. It was an amazing day of fashion shows. We moved from store to store around Galway. Each shop had a show with a combination of their own fashion & an Irish designer's pieces. I'm still buzzing today so...

Galway Weekend Away Outfits

Making the right choices for our Galway weekend away outfits was essential! With five of us in the family, I can easily end up over packing. I was determined to keep within one suitcase, a nappy / diaper bag, a backpack for toys & a shopping back with snacks for...

My Updated Wardrobe

I'm super excited to tell you about my updated wardrobe! Since having kids, I've gotten into the habit of wearing comfy clothes around the house - hoodies, loose trousers/pants... basically choosing clothes for comfort over style. I don't feel great about how I look...

Dr Martens Boots

It's new shoe time of year already! The autumn is fast approaching (or if you live in Ireland, it's already here). Back to school will be here soon & with that comes the back to school shopping.  And, maybe some new boots for mom while you're at it 😉  ...

Vanilla Underground T-Shirts

It's my pleasure to introduce you to some really cool Vanilla Underground Kids T-Shirts.  Vanilla Underground is a UK based online business that sells hoodies, sweaters, vests & other items of clothes for men, women & children. They are inspired by retro and...

Wolford Layla Capri Leggings

I adore my new Wolford Layla Capri leggings. I'm so impressed with them! I've always been a big fan of leggings because they are dressy while being comfortable & easy to wear.  The Layla Capris are just fabulous as they are comfortable, very well made and stay in...

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Welcome to Cuddle Fairy where there's positivity around every corner! My name is Becky, I'm a wife & mom of 3. Click my image to read more about me. Enjoy your visit to my blog x

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