Spring Picks from Femme Luxe

Hi guys, I have three more beautiful outfits to share with you from Femme Luxe Finery. I’ve been working with Femme Luxe over the past year or so, where they send me outfits to try on and share with you. If you missed my last review with them, you can find it here – New Looks with Femme Luxe.

I’ve tried a variety of clothing from Femme Luxe from casual tracksuits and loungewear to dressy outfits and outfits for going out or for occasions. I’ve been happy with the fit of the clothing and the value of the items I have received. The loungewear is soft or silky and the dresses are form-fitting and stylish. I wear my size in loungewear and I take one size up with the dressy items.

The Femme Luxe website is easy to navigate and really well laid out with loads of categories, styles and colours to choose from. That’s important to me when shopping online because I can find some websites difficult to navigate or to find the items I am looking for.

With all of the lockdowns, online shopping has become really important. Femme Luxe has kept their stocks up and have lots to choose from and delivery to Ireland is super quick. The items arrive nicely folded in a tidy bag.

At the moment, they have a spring sale going on with free delivery on orders over £25 which makes the shopping experience even more reasonable!

Without further ado, I will show you the three outfits I selected this time. I’m still going for comfies because they are what I wear all day at home. I’ve gone for two more loungewear sets and one tracksuit.

See what you think of my choices, and let me know which look is your fav in the comments.

White Cable Knit Loungewear Set – Phoebe

This cable knit oversized loungewear set features an oversized long sleeve jumper with matching high waisted, drawstring, wide-leg trousers. The fit is super floppy in the arms with a nice long length in them so it sits with a stylish, oversized look. I really adore the fit of the jumper.

I also love the straight-leg fit of the trousers. They are a wide and straight-legged cut which is a fit I enjoy. The only downside for me is that the trousers are loose-knit so they are kind of see-through. You’d need to carefully select the right underwear for these trousers.

This set is available in sizes 6 – 14. I took the 14 which is a generous fit, giving the oversized look.

Hoodie Cuffed Tracksuit Set – Jorydan

This ladies tracksuit set is black, white and pink with a hoddie. It features cuffed jogger bottoms with a long sleeve hoodie. This set has a unique fit. The trousers have a tight cuff at the bottom, sitting above the ankle. The tracksuit top for me is a little short in the arms, again with the tight cuff above the wrist.

The model on the Femme Luxe website wears this with the top cinched in and a pair of heels. It looks really fabulous when worn that way. For me, I’d wear it as shown with a pair of runners / sneakers. Which is less fab but still cute looking if I say so myself. lol

This set comes in S/M or M/L. I have the M/L size on me.

Skinny Joggers Loungewear Set – Kori

This loungewear set has a lovely texture to it. It’s super cosy in a grey marl ribbed material with a round neck and skinny trousers with side pockets. This is my favourite set of the three this time because I adore the fit. It’s long enough in the arms and legs for me. It’s soft and comfy to wear while still being stylish.

I love pockets in loungewear sets and this one has a lovely set of clean-cut pockets. This set comes in S/M or M/L. Again, I am wearing the M/L size.

So there you have it, that’s my latest outfits from Femme Luxe. I’ve found their loungewear and tracksuits to be ideal for during lockdown because they feel stylish to wear while also being comfortable.

Let me know which look is your fav in the comments. Also, if you have any questions for me feel free to ask! Or if you’d like me to try a certain look from the Femme Luxe website, pop it in the comments and I will try it next time!

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