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5 Reasons to Invest in Cashmere

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We all have our favourite items of clothing. Those go-to pieces we fall back on whenever we’re seeking comfort in the familiar. They go with everything and always make you feel great. 

If you’re going to rely on these wardrobe essentials, why not invest in high-quality that will stand the test of time, both in condition and style? Cashmere is the ultimate luxury material and it doesn’t have to be the preserve of the rich. Cashmere clothing might not come cheap. But for a few hundred pounds you’ll have a piece of clothing that will last for years to come. A cashmere sweater is a timeless piece that can form part of your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe. Here are our top five reasons to invest in cashmere this season.

Cashmere Will Keep You Toasty Warm

Cashmere wool only comes from cashmere goats and it is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. Cashmere fibres are harvested just once a year from the undercoat of goats bred to survive in the freezing temperatures of countries such as Mongolia and Iran. 

The price of a good cashmere sweater may seem high, but it represents great value for money. Why wear multiple layers when just one layer of cashmere keeps you warm? Treat yourself to a cashmere sweater and it can become your go-to winter warmer when temperatures drop. 

It Won’t Take up Too Much Space in Your Suitcase

If you’re heading away for the weekend during the British winter, the chances are your bag will be half-filled with jumpers. Jumpers made from wool and synthetic fabrics tend to be bulky, especially if you’ve chosen them for warmth. Cashmere is a lot lighter than wool. 

If you push the boat out and opt for one hundred per cent Cashmere, you’ll enjoy a super lightweight garment that still keeps you warm. This also means extra suitcase space for all your other essentials. So, even if you’re just heading out for a day trip, a cashmere sweater will fit nicely in your bag.

Cashmere Is Super Soft and Cosy

How many times have you bought a sweater that looks great online but makes you itch like mad after you’ve been wearing it for more than five minutes? Many people find wool irritates their skin. However, cashmere is unlikely to cause such discomfort. 

Cashmere fibres have a very fine diameter  — between 14.5 and 19.5 microns or one-millionth of a metre, depending on the breed of goat. The average diameter for wool, however, is somewhere between 23 and 27 microns. Cashmere’s fine fibres help to make the material feel luxuriously soft against the skin. They also have an irregular, bumpy shape in contrast to relatively straight wool fibres. As a result, cashmere fibres stick to each other, rather than to your skin, preventing the material from becoming itchy. 

Cashmere Will Stand the Test of Time

Cashmere is a luxury material that is generally expensive to buy. Because of this, cashmere clothing is often given a classic design so it can be worn season after season. Cashmere is also one of the most long-lasting fibres. Provided you show your favourite cashmere sweater a little TLC, it could last you for 30 years or more! Remove any pilling with a lint roller, avoid washing cashmere too often and use cold water when you do. 

Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury in Their Life

Everything about cashmere says luxury. It’s soft and gentle against your skin, looks great and it fits neatly in your bag. We all have a clothing budget and many of us are limited to the occasional splurge while sticking to low-cost items the rest of the time. Cashmere feels like a real treat and it’s one you will enjoy for years to come. Why not give yourself the gift of cashmere for your next birthday or special occasion? 

You may have looked at Cashmere before and been put off by the price tag. But considering how scarce and finite Cashmere wool is — goats do not produce huge quantities and wool is only harvested once a year — the higher cost is understandable. 

Cashmere will cost more upfront, but it is a great investment and one you won’t regret. You’ll be cosying up in your favourite Cashmere sweater years from now and wondering why you waited so long to indulge in a little luxury. Go on, treat yourself.  

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