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Branding with Stickers from Sticker Market

I was sent custom stickers in exchange for an honest review. 

StickerMarket is a UK online custom sticker printing company. Their stickers are made from high-quality paper or vinyl materials and adhesives.

Using custom stickers and labels is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to promote a business, products, services or create personalised labels and event & wedding labels.

StickerMarket has a wide variety of choices available to create a fully custom look and feel to your stickers.

I am in the process of redoing my Cuddle Fairy website which turns 6 years old in March. I am creating an online store to sell my custom gemstone bracelets along with other products and services. With this website development change, I am doing a rebranding.

I have been using positive mantra stickers as labels when I wrap my gemstone bracelets, but now thanks to StickerMarket, I have fully custom and branded stickers that I will use instead! I’m really excited to share my three sticker designs with you today.

StickerMarket shopping experience

The layout on the StickerMarket website is easy to navigate with lots of options including various types of stickers, decals, bumper stickers and business cards. When you select a type of sticker material you then have a choice of shape, size and quantity. Then you upload your art and order. The process is simple to go through.

StickerMarket has videos showing how to order and showing each type of sticker in detail so you can see fully what you can expect.

I designed my stickers using Canva. You can see the three designs below. As you will see, each sticker is on its own sheet of paper. I selected circle, 50mm x 50mm stickers.

Art Paper Stickers

For two of my sticker designs, I opted to go with art paper stickers.

The Art Paper Stickers come in three varieties: gloss, matte, and uncoated. These are made from a cardboard paper material. They are recommended for indoor use, but can be used outdoors for non-permanent applications. There is also a choice of adhesive with these stickers.

Kraft Paper Stickers

I choose one of my designs to be created as kraft paper stickers.

The kraft paper stickers have a similar texture to standard cardboard paper but with a quaint, brownish tone that creates a homemade look for the printed stickers. The organic, recycled look is well suited for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Same as with the Art Paper Stickers, these are best used for mailers or labelling products.

With these, there is no choice of finish as they are all of the same kraft paper texture and colour.

In using these stickers, it’s important to consider the colours you are using in your design as the background is brown. I love the homemade and natural look of these stickers. Again, these stickers are easy to peel and are a nice thickness, giving them a high quality feel and look. Have a look at my design below.

I’m absolutely delighted with my new stickers from StickerMarket. The ordering process was simple and the team were really lovely to communicate with. The stickers arrived quickly and well packaged. I am really looking forward to sticking them onto the wrapping for my designs of my upcoming online store. Subscribe to receive an email notification when my new online store is live.

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