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CarGoSeat Review – The Travel Seat / Wheelie Bag

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CarGoSeat is a brand new product on the market that was invented to solve the problem of traveling with booster seats or having to rent them. CarGoSeat is a 2-in-1 kids booster seat and travel suitcase in one. We were sent one to try out and have been using it for the past 3 weeks. I’ll give you some information on this product and our thoughts on how we have found it.

About CarGoSeat

CarGoSeat is a booster seat that is suitable for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller.

The seat is available in four bright colours – Purple, Green, Pink and Blue.

The seat transforms easily into a wheeled case that can be used when traveling. The items can be kept inside case even when the unit is being used as a car seat, meaning you don’t need to empty the contents of the wheeled case when you transform it into a booster seat.

When you’ve finished with your seat, you can send it back to CarGoSeat, who will recycle the product free of charge for you, which is a win-win for us and the environment.

Key Points from the CarGoSeat Website:

  1. CarGoSeat can be installed in seconds.

  2. It meets Europe ECE R44/04 regulation safety standards and has been rigorously crash tested.

  3. In a few simple steps, the booster transforms easily into a lightweight wheeled case with a pull-along handle.

  4. The case offers lots of space (10 Litre) to pack their most treasured possessions.

  5. A washable seat pad and fully plastic body make inevitable spills and stains easy to remove.

  6. CarGoSeat has no metal parts and the clasp is easy to open for little fingers.

  7. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Our CarGoSeat

Little Miss is the perfect size for testing out the CarGoSeat and she chose the pink one. It arrived nicely packaged in a box with easy to follow instructions.

You can see it here out of the box. The handle lifts easily from the bottom and it is then able to be wheeled along as a wheelie travel suitcase.

To open the wheelie, you simply turn the yellow knob at the top. You can see there is a good bit of space in the case to pack toys and other favourite kiddie items.

To transform CarGoSeat into a seat, you simply push the handle down into the bottom of the seat. Then press the yellow button inside the wheel while lifting the armrest up. That lifts the armrests up for the child to rest them on in the car.

To convert back to a wheelie, you press the yellow button again, while pushing the armrest down. And then lift the handle up. And you are off. It takes less than a minute to do this.

You can see below that the seat is a tidy fit in the car. It fits within one seat so there is still plenty of room for her two brothers in the car.

It’s nice and high which Little Miss loves. She can see out of the window better. Because she is prone to car sickness this is a huge plus for her, and this seat has become her car seat of choice. We have been using it every day since it arrived.

Our Thoughts

As a booster seat, Little Miss is delighted with her CarGoSeat. She loves the pink colour, it’s comfortable to sit on and it is high so she can see out of the window better.

She is already looking forward to packing her belongings into it and travelling somewhere.

Since I am from the US, we do travel back and have run into car seat problems in the past. This would certainly solve the issue of bringing a car seat along easily. Also, if there are lines in the airport, and Little Miss was getting tired she could sit down on her seat. And, she can use it on the plane and in taxis. It’d be right there with us, ready to be used quickly when needed.

We like that the contents of the suitcase aren’t disturbed when using it as a seat.

I have two niggly points I’d like to mention. First is that the seat leaves marks in the car. All of our car seats do this, but the textured wheels on this seat and shape at the front & sides have left more defined and deeper indents on the leather seat. In terms of using it only for travel, this wouldn’t be an issue. Like I said we have been using it non-stop for 3 weeks.

The second point is the functionality of the wheels themselves. They are kept close to the case/seat itself, probably so they don’t dig into the seat of the car too much but that makes them difficult to turn. On our tiles and wood floors in the house, the wheels don’t turn at all. They do turn on the concrete floor of the garage so hopefully, they’d turn on an airport floor. The grooved shape to the wheels makes it clunky to pull, especially when the wheels don’t turn.

We love the design of the CarGoSeat, love how easy it is to use and how it solves an issue of traveling with booster seats. It’s solid and well made. We will be using it for our 2020 trip to the USA and I’ll let you know how we get on with it, I’ll update this post and I will share on my Instagram stories.

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