Enjoying the Sunshine Safely with SunSense Sunscreens

*Sponsored by SunSense 

My kids love to play outside. The boys adore soccer – they live for it. Besides taking lessons, they play together in the backyard every chance they can get. Our little lady keeps herself busy on her scooter and sometimes joins her brothers in a game of soccer too. With playing outside goes protecting the skin with sunscreen.

As you might know, I have sensitive skin and so do two of my kiddies. Last year I reviewed some products from QV Skincare and found them amazing for our sensitive skin, and I’ve been using them ever since. So I was quite happy to try out some sunscreens from SunSense, a sister company to QV.

With SunSense, the products have been carefully designed to suit all skin types. Plus they go on easily, last for hours and are water resistant!