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Feel Hair Support Review - Reduce Hair Loss

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About three months after I had covid, I started experiencing my hair falling out. So I googled what was happening and found out that hair loss is a common side effect after a prolonged period of time with a high temperature.

Needless to say, I was totally horrified by the clumps of hair coming off of my head! I looked into how to support my body to produce more hair and preserve what I had left and I found various products, combs, and advice out there to help. I bought a wide toothcomb and was more gentle in how I brushed and handled my hair. I also reduced the number of times I washed my hair per week.

So I was quite intrigued when Feel got in touch with me to try their supplement which reduces hair loss and of course, I wanted to give it a try. Especially after checking their website and seeing the great results they have found and also a clear list of ingredients, which is very important to me!

After using Feel Hair Support for 30 days, I give my full review below of how I found this supplement and what you can expect from using it!

About Feel - A Nutrition Company

At Feel, customer well-being and satisfaction are their top priorities. And they believe everyone deserves to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. With that in mind, every product is clearly explained, with full ingredient lists and each ingredient explained as to how it can benefit you.

Because of their ethos, they are committed to providing customers with honest, convenient, and affordable supplements. Feel uses only trusted, UK-based suppliers with the purest and most effective ingredients possible.

What's in Feel Hair Support?

For me, checking the ingredients in my food and supplements is critical. I won't buy online if I can't see an ingredient list. So the very first thing I did when Feel got in touch was to pop over to their site to scope out ingredients. I was thrilled to see them listed front and center on the products. That is a huge stand-out point for any brand. It shows that they stand behind everything that is in their product and aren't trying to hide anything.

Ingredients: Keranat™ (Millet Oil [Panicum miliaceum], Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus], Wheatgerm Oil [Triticum vulgare], Rosemary Leaf Oil [Rosmarinus officinalis]), Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius), Capsule: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), D-Biotin.

Free From: Feel Hair Support is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and free from all 14 major allergens. Their products contain no artificial fillers, bulking agents, or colours, and their packaging is made from 100% plant-derived, plastic-free, compostable materials.

How Feel Hair Support Works

Feel hair support has been clinically proven to reduce hair loss (you can read more about the studies and statistics on their website). The key ingredient is Keranat™ which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce hair loss after 12 weeks. Over 90% of women consuming Keranat™ reported a reduction in hair loss compared to the placebo group.

This works because the key ingredient of Keranat™ stimulates hair growth as well as strengthens the hair. It also provides shinier hair and a healthier scalp.

My Experience After 30 Days of Using Feel Hair Support

I have found a marked improvement in my hair since using Feel for 30 days. I do find my hair to be thicker and less of it coming out when I brush my hair before showers. It was easy to take, with no side effects or issues to report. I'm quite amazed by the improvement I am seeing in just 30 days. I can imagine that continued use will continue to bring further health and condition to my hair.

Discount Code

If you'd like to try Feel Hair Support for yourself, use the code* PARTNER20 for 20% off!!

* The discount code doesn't have an expiration date. It's available site-wide, excluding bundles or the skincare collection. It cannot be applied to an existing subscription but can be used for new ones.

Final Thoughts

I'm really happy with how my trial of Feel Hair Support has gone. I'm really impressed by how much it has done in such a short period of time! Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

Grab more info and shop for nutritional supplements on the Feel website.


Jul 30, 2023

Ohh this sounds great for hair health and strengthening hair, glad to hear that you have had a positive time using these

Laura Side Street x


Jul 30, 2023

This is such great information - I had no idea! I had Covid twice and I had no idea that might be what is affecting my hair. I shall have to check this out. I love that it is Vegan. DO you know if it is available in the States? -StarTraci


Jul 30, 2023

It is good that they are such a good brand, being GMO free and Vegan. Thank you for doing the research!


Zab Zaria
Zab Zaria
Jul 30, 2023

Thanks for sharing your honest review. Hair loss is the most popular hair problem today. And this product is the best product to try!


Jul 29, 2023

I love the sound of this. The fact that you found that this supplement helped make your hair thicker makes me want to try it too. I think my has been thinning in recent years.

Melanie E


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