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Getting ready for Autumn 2019 Trends

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What always amazes me about fashion is that when we are enjoying wearing one season of clothing, it’s already time to start thinking about the next season’s trends. I’ve been having a nose around the upcoming trends for Autumn / Winter 2019 and I have to say it is looking exciting out there.

Let’s have a look at 5 of the upcoming trends for 2019 and how you can adapt your wardrobe to suit the new looks.

Minimalist looks

Sophisticated tailoring and clean lines are hitting the scene this year. You can stick to basic looks or mix up patterns and designs to make more of a quirky and fun look.

I always love to see simple styles coming in because it’s a simple trend to follow. And it’s easy to use basic items from your wardrobe to complete a simple, clean-lined look, like this one from Victoria Beckham.

Quiet luxury found in leather, satin and cashmere

Soft leather is making a return, especially leather trousers and skirts. Satins, cashmere, and wool are also big on the list of trends hitting the runways this year.

Supple leather and soft fabrics are bringing a new mood of quiet luxury. Cashmere is extremely soft, cozy and incredibly stylish. It has a rich and elegant look to it that allows you to wear it with elegant and casual essentials.

A cashmere sweater in a neutral color can be used with almost any clothing you already own, it’s the perfect key-piece. And it will tie in well with the minimalist look as well. Just like this Naked Cashmere top Kate Moss is wearing.


Yes, you read that right – feathers are showing up all over the runways. Personally, the only feathers I own is a feather boa from a hen party a few years ago. So this is a new one to me.

Feathers are being used to give coats and sweaters a lighter look. They also can be used as accents to create a really feminine and pretty look.

When it comes to feathers or leather, it’s important to question if they are ethically sourced. That’s why so many designers are using fabrics and materials with the same gorgeous look of natural feathers but are from vegan, synthetic materials.

The takeaway from this look for me is flowly and feminine lines. And, you can accomplish that same beautiful look with scarves and frilly materials instead of feathers.

Bold Colours

Stand aside neutrals, colour is back in town! And not just a splash of colour – no, head to toe bright colours are hitting the runways for Autumn / Winter.

What seems to be really popular is wearing one colour from head to toe in different tones such as pink, yellow or turquoise. Check out this look from Max Mara.

If head to toe yellow isn’t your thing, you can still bring pops of bright colour into your Autumn and Winter wardrobe to brighten it up and join with the trend. Purchase a statement item like a scarf or coat that’s a bright colour, and you will fit in great with the trend.

Tiny Handbags

This trend is a throwback to my early 20’s when all I could fit in my bag was my flip phone, chapstick, and some cash folded in half. No room for a wallet here! I still own some of my tiny bags – my favorite of all being my Dolce & Gabana brown leather bag that goes so nicely with my cowgirl ankle boots. Isn’t it great when a trend comes back around 20yrs later?!

The problem now is that my iPhone XR is a bit too big for the teeny bags! What’s a girl to do with one of these bags by Carolina Herrera and Brandon Maxwell?

For any of you who are around my age, check-in the depths of your wardrobe, I bet you have a tiny handbag back there that you can use to get in with the trends…. If you can fit your phone inside. lol

There are five of the fun autumn / winter 2019 trends heading our way! Which one is your favourite??

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