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Getting Wedding Ready

I’m excited to tell you we have a family wedding coming up soon! My sister in law is getting married next month so all 5 of us will be attending, which means 5 outfits to source.

Our little princess has some lovely dresses for the day and day after parties. She loves her fashion. My oldest isn’t a fan of dressing up but we have an outfit set for him. And our 8-year-old is page boy so he has a gorgeous outfit to wear on the big day. And my husband is wearing his suit…he’s the easiest one to get ready. lol

As always, I organized my outfit last! Because the wedding is in June I wanted something summery with bright colours. The past few weddings we attended I wore dark colours so I wanted something pretty and light looking instead.

Spring 2018 Trends

Spring clothing colours have a mix of lights and darks which makes for really interesting and fun looks. Pastels are big this year as are sequents and large floral prints. There are lots of golds and metallics as well as the light pastels and together they are looking really fabulous. In my mind I wanted to put together a look that was trendy and reflected the Spring 2018 palette.

There are so many gorgeous wedding guest outfits to choose from on JD Williams. I had a great time shopping online and put together an outfit that I’m delighted with! I decided to jump on the flower trend and try something with a lovely floral pattern. And I chose accessories that compliment the colours from the dress.

I decided to go with the Together Bloom Dress, Aldo Cerano Bag, Simply Silver Cubic Zirconia Earrings & Buckley London Russian Sparkle 3 Tone Pendant. Above photos from the JD Williams website.

My Wedding Outfit

My items have arrived and I’m delighted with how well the dress and the scarf on the Aldo bag match. And how the necklace tones of gold and rose gold match the Aldo bag so well too! The dress fits great and I can’t wait to wear it.

I have a pair of BCBG heels and a fascinator that are the perfect colour pink to match the dress. I think the colours come together nicely with a pop of pink and the elegance of the rose gold and gold tones as well.

I love being able to use items I already own along with new items to create a fresh look.

I will show you the full outfit on me at the wedding over on my Instagram next month so stay tuned to see everything put together!

For more pop over to my Fashion page. Let me know what you think of my outfit choice in the comments. x

I was sent the clothing and accessories for purposes of this post, all opinions as always are my own.

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