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I’m off on an adventure…

I have exciting news! As you might have already read in my post about our summer, I am a new member of the Netflix Stream Team. The Stream Team is much like being a blogger ambassador. I will bring you exciting Netflix news and let you know what we are enjoying watching. So far, I wrote about my love for Suits and shared my favorite Harvey Specter quotes.

Well today, Netflix is whisking me away to London for a Stream Team event!!

Excited doesn’t cover how I feel. I’m really thrilled to get to know more about Netflix and the Stream Team. And to meet bloggers in person that I’ve known for years online! One blogger, in particular, is Clare from Mudpie Fridays – she is my co-host for Blogger Club UK linky & Facebook group. We have been in touch for years online but this will be the first time we get to meet in person!

I’ve heard wonderful things about Netflix events and can’t wait to see the beautiful Nobu Shoreditch Hotel where we will be staying. And see what else we get up to! This is the first time I’ve gone away somewhere that I didn’t organize it myself. Having the trip planned and put together for me adds another level of excitement.

I hope you will follow my mini trip and join me in London from 19 – 21 of September via my social media. I will keep updating my Instagram Instant throughout the day. And I’ll add posts to Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as well – links are below.

I’ll be sure to show you the hotel, my fellow bloggers & the events I attend. So please pop over to my social media and say hi! x

I receive a complimentary Netflix subscription as part of the Stream Team.

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