I’m winter ready with my new ECCO Scinapse shoes

It’s gotten chilly here in the West of Ireland. We get a lot of windy, rainy days here. I have the fire on most days now which I love. When I venture out I need layers to stay warm. Needless to say, I was really excited when ECCO sent me a pair of their new Scinapse shoes.

ECCO Scinapse shoes are ideal for the Autumn and Winter as they come up around the ankle. The colour choices are also fab for this time of year, there’s black, volluto & chilli red. I went for volluto which is a lovely tan/brown colour.

I have been wearing my new ECCO shoes for a few weeks now. They were comfy from day one which is a rarity for me and shoes. They are comfortable to wear, like a sneaker but are more stylish and dressy. They also keep my feet warm but don’t overheat them like some of my boots do.

ECCO Scinapse facing right

ECCO Scinapse forward right

ECCO Scinapse facing left

ECCO Scinapse Details

ECCO describes the as a Scinapse “minimalist high-top sneaker” which I think sums it up nicely. They are lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

You might have noticed the laces are different from laces on your average shoe. They are sporty and practical “speed-laces.” You simply pull the centrepiece down to looser or up to tighten. For a mom of 3 something that saves me time is great by me!!

The Scinapse uses ECCO fluid form technology in the sole to make the shoe flexible and shock absorbing which makes them comfy for long-term wear.

They are made from premium leather which makes them soft and durable. The leather is breathable which means my feet don’t heat up in the shoes.

ecco Scinapse cuddle fairy

There I am in my new shoes! My feet are warm and comfy in them, which makes me very happy. You can read more about the ECCO Scinapse & get more details on the ECCO website.

I was very kindly sent the ECCO shoes for review purposes; all opinions as always are my own.

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