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Limerick’s Leading Restaurants

We all love a good place to eat. There can be many establishments local to you or a bit further away that you will always be happy to go to. These places can provide quality food, great ambiance and atmosphere, have a friendly staff, serve food no one else does, have great prices, a variety of dishes, and fantastic drinks and more.

Finding such places can often take a lifetime as you wait for the place right for you to be opened, to find it one day, to hear a good review, or maybe to be taken there by a friend, but then that eatery can become a staple of your life.

If you live in Limerick and want to find some of the best restaurants around, then here are the top four.

The French Table

If you are a fan of French cuisine then The French Table is perfect for you. This restaurant found at 1 Steamboat Quay, specialises in great meals from France, whether that’s Duck à l’Orange, Seven Hour Shoulder of Lamb or Fillet of Fresh Atlantic Hake.

They have both dinner menu and lunch menus, so it’s a fine choice whatever time you are going and how big a meal you desire. Wines and deserts are available too, with lunch available from noon Tuesday to Friday and dinner from 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.


Head down to 35 O’Connell St and you can visit Taikichi, the best Japanese restaurant in Limerick. Specialising in sushi, it is traditional Japanese style bistro with a large menu. Open Saturday to Sunday, 12pm to 10.30pm, you can see some experienced chefs in action who use local ingredients, as you choose something for lunch or dinner, a dessert or some wine, or if you want some take-out.

You can order food by phone or with Deliveroo Limerick and have it brought right to your home. There’s a lot more to try than sushi, such as Norimaki, sashimi, teppan, udon and ramen and countless other fine examples of Japan cuisine.

texas steak out

Texas Steakout

Texas Steakout is a restaurant worth visiting in Limerick, as if offers the a section of delicious food all with wild west décor. Established in 1989 as Limerick’s first “steakout” restaurant, it has grown over the years, expanding so it can accommodate more people and to increase it’s range of food.

They have lunch menus, dinner menus, kids menus and more, so you can easily find something to suit your current taste. There’s no other place quite like it, with it’s cowboy theme and fun atmosphere, topped of with some delightful dishes. Head down to 116 O’Connell Street, 12pm to 10.30pm Mon to Saturday and 12.30pm to 10pm on Sunday, and book online to ensure you get a table.

Freddy’s Bistro

If you want a great location to eat with friends and family, then you should check out Freddy’s Bistro. A former 19th century coach house transformed into one of Limerick’s finest restaurants, it can be found in Theatre Lane, Lower Glentworth Street. Run by three sisters, they are dedicated to bringing you terrific food, service and atmosphere.

They have a large selection of food and it can all be made to order, so any dietary needs can be met. They use only fresh and locally sourced food, with some home-made offers. Freddy’s Bistro is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5.30pm.

I hope you enjoy dining in Limerick!


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