My Exciting News!!

We had a busy & exciting weekend. Our oldest son took his first holy communion on Saturday. I took 4 days off blogging & on day 1 I received the most amazing tweet (obviously I kept tweeting lol). It said that Cuddle Fairy has made the short list for a BiB award!!

To say I was excited, honoured & deeply touched would be the understatement of the century. I can’t describe how much it means to me that I’ve been recognized by Brit Mums. To be chosen out of thousands of blogs as one who inspires leaves me speechless & has brought me to tears several times.

The online voting form says the Inspire category is for “blogs with infectious enthusiasm that encourages everyone around them.” To think that Cuddle Fairy fits in this description with the amazing blogs listed is a true honour. Out of all of the categories on offer, I’m truly delighted to be listed under Inspire.

The next stage of the awards is voting & the ten blogs on the short list will be reduced down to five. I’m delighted to have made it this far. I’d love to have a chance to make the top five. If you have found any of my posts inspiring, I’d be so grateful if you would give Cuddle Fairy your Inspire vote.

Simply click the graphic below, scroll down to Inspire & check Cuddle Fairy to place your vote.


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