My Nametags Review

My Nametags creates custom labels that either stick or iron on. I have used their labels for years & am happy to share my thoughts with you in My Nametags Review!

When our oldest son started Montessori 4 years ago, my sister-in-law recommended I label his things with tags from My Nametags. I bought their mixed set which contains the iron on & sticker labels. I labelled everything!

The iron-on labels attaches very easily to clothing. I put one on every item he wore because if they have an accident & need to be changed at school, it was helpful for the teachers to have the clothing labelled. I also labelled his coat, hat & gloves.

I used the sticker labels for his lunch box, backpack & every container that goes into his lunch box. I learned it’s best to label both the lid & base of containers that separate. Things get lost so easily in playschool & having every piece labelled was a big help. I discovered the importance of shoe labelling when our son came home wearing someone else’s shoes. They were the same style as his own but 2 sizes too small!