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My Nametags Review

My Nametags creates custom labels that either stick or iron on. I have used their labels for years & am happy to share my thoughts with you in My Nametags Review!

When our oldest son started Montessori 4 years ago, my sister-in-law recommended I label his things with tags from My Nametags. I bought their mixed set which contains the iron on & sticker labels. I labelled everything!

The iron-on labels attaches very easily to clothing. I put one on every item he wore because if they have an accident & need to be changed at school, it was helpful for the teachers to have the clothing labelled. I also labelled his coat, hat & gloves.

I used the sticker labels for his lunch box, backpack & every container that goes into his lunch box. I learned it’s best to label both the lid & base of containers that separate. Things get lost so easily in playschool & having every piece labelled was a big help. I discovered the importance of shoe labelling when our son came home wearing someone else’s shoes. They were the same style as his own but 2 sizes too small!

my nametags review 5

Now, our two boys, aged 8 & 6 attend “big school.” I buy them each a pack of My Nametag labels every year. I label their uniforms & coats with the iron ons. And, I label all of their books, pencils, twistables etc with the stickers. The school asks that every item have a name on it. Using My Nametags is so easy to just peel & stick – no need to write their name every time.

my nametags review 4

The stickers that I attached 4 years ago are still there today! They have gone through hundreds of dishwasher cycles, in & out of lunch boxes & the normal kiddie abuse & are still holding strong. The same goes for the iron ons. We have a tie that belonged to the boys’ cousin. His name is ironed onto the back of the tie 10 years ago with a label from My Nametags & it’s still there today.

my nametags review 1

My Nametags aren’t just for kiddies! I love my Cuddle Fairy labels. They stick so well & make a colorful addition to my blogging notebooks. They are also fantastic for labeling football gear & other sports or club equipment.

my nametags review 2

I can’t say enough good things about My Nametags. Their product is high quality & it lasts so well. They have some beautiful new colored tags that let kiddies choose their own background color & decorations. My kids & I are loving our new colorful tags!

Disclosure: We were very kindly sent some colored nametags in exchange for a review, but the thoughts & opinions & use of My Nametags over the past 4 years are all my own.

* Shoe & Hello Kitty images credit to My Nametags.

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