Netflix Hacks every parent will Love!

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, we enjoy complimentary Netflix & I get sent updates and exclusives from Netflix to share with you guys. When I attended the Netflix Stream Team Event in London, I learned some cool hacks that I didn’t know existed!

I learned that Netflix has a lot of great features for families. So of course, I will pass the knowledge along to you so that you enjoy these features too! Without further ado, here are a few Netflix hacks that every parent will love!!

Dedicated Kids Profiles

netflix profiles

If you don’t have a separate kids profile set up already, stop everything and head to your Netflix! This is the best of all features. In London, we learned about the Netflix secret formula for making your viewing experience unique & special. They didn’t actually tell us the secret but they did tell us how important it is to have separate profiles.

If your kids watch cartoons on your profile then your Netflix recommendations will get messed up. AND there’s the risk they can stumble upon grown-up shows like Orange is the New Black… No one wants that. The kids profile is a happy place with their favorite characters and no risk of stumbling up something grown-up. That equals happiness for everyone!

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Head over to manage profiles.

  2. You can create a dedicated profile for each member of the family with their names – real or made up. Or you can simply have a “kids” profile.

  3. You will be able to control how much access they have depending on their maturity level. These are the options:

  4. Little Kids – Watch movies and TV shows suitable for young children

  5. Older Kids – Watch movies and TV shows suitable for older kids.

  6. Teens – Watch movies and TV shows suitable for teens.

  7. Adults – Watch all movies and TV shows, including mature content.

To further safeguard the kids from watching adult content under your account, you can set up a parental pin.

  1. You need to go on the computer to set up a pin.

  2. Go into Your Account – Parental Controls.

  3. If you don’t already have one, you need to set up an account password first.

  4. Then you can set the level of restriction you want in place.

  5. Little Kids = U

  6. Older Kids = PG

  7. Teens = 12

  8. Adults = 15 and 18

  9. And viola – the kids won’t be able to watch any programs you don’t want them seeing.

Download & Go

netflix hacks - download and go

Netflix is fun to enjoy while you in wifi but what about those times you’d love to watch something but can’t because there’s no internet? A few times that pop into my mind are when you are traveling or out for a dinner and would like a movie for the kiddies to watch.

Netflix has the answer! Now you can download a show from Netflix while you are in wifi & then watch it anywhere without needing internet.

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Login to your Netflix account while you are on wifi.

  2. Click on “available for downloads” from the menu.

  3. Select your favourite series or film and hit download.

  4. Enjoy endless hours content without an internet connection – whoop!

Happy Birthday Message

Netflix - Happy Birthday

I love this new feature! Netflix has some happy birthday videos where the characters sing happy birthday to the screen! Kiddies will think the message is special just for them. It’s an innovative and easy way to have a special birthday greeting for your kids.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type “birthday” into the Netflix Search Box

  2. A list of special birthday shows will come up. Simply select your child’s favorite and hit play!

There are some really fun character birthday greetings including ones from Barbie, LEGO Friends, Pokemon, Skylanders, Beat Bugs & many more.

Interactive Story Telling

netflix interactive story telling

Kids love their shows and they love to watch the same one over and over again. With this new interactive feature, kids get to make decisions about how the story will go! This feature really promotes creativity, imagination & makes watching a show more engaging rather than a passive experience. And it means watching the same show over and over will produce different results.

There are two shows that currently have this interactive feature on them:

  1. Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale

  2. Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

  3. Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout, will be available in 2018

To access the interactive shows:

  1. You need to have a smart tv, game console or smartphone / tablet. I think it’s easiest for younger kids to use a tablet or phone. Older kids could use the remote to make choices via the Smart TV.

  2. Type “interactive story” in the search box.

  3. Select the story of your choice and enjoy!

Happy New Years – Any time you want!!

netflix new years eve countdown

Yup you heard that right. No more waiting for midnight to get the kids to bed. Last year, Netflix had some Happy New Year videos where favorite characters stop their usual antics, have a countdown & celebrate the new years. And you can play this video any time you want!!

You and the kiddies can celebrate along with their favorite characters & then get the kiddies off to bed. 😉 Last year’s New Years Eve trailer will give you a taste of this exciting feature…

The New Year feature will be back again this year after Christmas! I’ll let you know when it’s up & running again and which shows are included.

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