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Ode to Skinny Jeans

I adore my skinny jeans. They are the most versatile item of clothing that I own. I actually own several pairs of skinny jeans but I have one favorite that I wear the most. I bought them to attend two fashion events last year. I was able to have two totally different looks wearing the same jeans.

Here I am ready to head off on the Galway Fashion Trail. It’s a long day of walking from shop to shop so I went with a casual skinny jean look. My skinnies were so comfy with wedges & a faux leather jacket.

Galway Fashion Trail 2016

I dressed up my skinny jeans with heels & bling to attend the prestigious Irish Fashion Innovation Awards in Galway. What I love most about skinny jeans is that they are so versatile & work well dressy or casual.

Irish Fashion Innovation Awards 2016 3

Now, there is an article out there from Vogue that says the skinny jean reign has come to an end. I wasn’t happy to read the article title at all! But, after further examination, they are talking about the fake denim jeans – the ones that look sprayed on! You know that really soft material that is meant to resemble jeans? Vogue says that real denim is back this season. I personally don’t’ think it was ever gone.

There are some gorgeous summer 2016 denim trends that embrace the skinny jean look with proper denim such as these gorgeous pieces from MandM Direct.

ode to skinny jeans

Photo credit for this & the feature image to MandM Direct.

Any of those skinny jeans would be fabulous for a day or night out over the summer.

I think skinny jeans are so flattering, stylish & fun for the summer with a pair of sandals or heels. I agree with Vogue that the proper jean material is a nicer look. They are everywhere this season & I’m delighted to have my favorite skinnies ready for action. How about you?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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