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Our Adventure to the Top of the Big Hill 2017

As you know, my family & I live in the beautiful West of Ireland. Because I was born & raised in NY, I really appreciate it’s unique beauty! Every time we are out & about I soak up the stunningly green hills & rugged coastlines.

I realized over Christmas that I don’t share photos of where I live enough because it really is a breathtaking place to see! So when the kids & I decided to go on an adventure to the top of the big hill I thought it’d be a good opportunity to make a short video to share with you.

The big hill is behind our house. If you follow Cuddle Fairy on Instagram, you have seen photos of it. If not, here it is…

One day at lunch we started talking about mountain climbing. My husband suggested the kids start by climbing up the big hill. They loved the idea! It grew to include a picnic lunch at the top!

The next day we packed some brown bread sandwiches, fruit & a treat in a backpack. We brought the picnic blanket & my daughter packed her dolly & a lunch for her dolly in her own backpack. We were ready for off!

I put together a one-minute video of our adventure so you can see the stunning views from the West of Ireland…

If the video doesn’t show, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Over Christmas we watched We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on tv. It’s one of our favourite bedtime books to read. So on our adventure we were saying things like, “Oh no! Muck! We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it… we have to go through it… squelch squelch…” That made the adventure all the more fun!

The three kids ran around up & down the back of the hill after the picnic with our doggie, Mia. I was delighted that my 3-year-old daughter made it up & down the hill without asking to be carried. Her “yemin-ems” (m&m’s) helped fuel her along I think! lol

I love doing things with the kids that are fun & also free. You don’t have to spend money & go out somewhere to have quality time with the kiddies. Anything can be turned into an adventure!

adventure best way to learn quote

The view from the top of the big hill is stunning. The day we went up was cool but calm, the perfect picnic conditions. Another day we could have been blown off with wind & rain. But, it was quite overcast so you can’t see as far as you normally can in the video.

The next dry & clear day we will head back up again for more photos. So stay tuned for more from the West of Ireland! xx

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