Our Christmas 2015

Hello everyone, I’m back!! 🙂 I closed the laptop on Christmas eve morning & didn’t open it again until January 3rd! I kept my social media networks going but I didn’t write, publish or promote posts all week. I had 11 days blog free. For the first few days I was in withdrawal – I kept feeling like I was forgetting to do something or like I was missing something. By day 5 I had settled in & really enjoyed all of my free time.

Here’s what we did for our Christmas 2015!

We went out to dinner as a family on Christmas eve. It was so fun to go out to eat for Christmas eve, it was our first time doing that. I enjoyed a glass of wine while the kiddies enjoyed coloring pages & apple juice (my hubby was the designated driver).

our christmas 2015 4

our christmas 2015 5

After dinner, we attended a family Christmas Eve  mass which was really child-friendly & relatable for the kiddies. The priest had us blow up balloons & sing happy birthday to Jesus. Our boys loved it & fully understood what was being said. When we got home we prepared Santa’s snack. The boys chose to give Santa brandy, a dark chocolate brownie that we made that day & a carrot for the reindeer. The brownie recipe is coming soon!

our christmas 2015 1

Christmas morning was wonderful, all three kiddies are delighted with their new toys. This was the first Christmas that our soon to be 3-year-old daughter fully understood what was going on. She was so excited to discover presents when she walked into the sitting room! My favorite Christmas pressie is my Mi Moneda necklace. I’ve wanted one for the longest time & I haven’t taken it off since receiving it from my parents!

our christmas 2015 3

We had a gorgeous Christmas dinner at my sister-in-law’s house, along with my mother & father in law & my husband’s youngest sister. The day flew by with all of the fun we were having. We played games, ate loads, had delicious drinks & lots of laughs. We were totally spoiled. My sister -in-law & her hubby are the most amazing hosts. We stayed & visited all evening & into the night. It was such a fun filled Christmas day.

our christmas 2015 6

One evening over the holidays, my husband & I went out for dinner & drinks with two of his sisters & their husbands. It was the first time we have been out together in so long. We normally take turns going out – one of us goes with friends & the other stays home with the kids. So it was a real treat to be out together over Christmas. We had a lovely dinner & lots of laughs.

We enjoyed a quiet New Years Eve at home. We had family over for dinner & to bring in the New Year together. I love the new year – it’s a fresh start! I have ideas for new series on Cuddle Fairy, now it’s finally time to organize my blogging schedule! Stay tuned for the big reveal next week. 🙂

There was something going on every night over the holidays. We visited family, played card games & went to a birthday party. The week was full of fun, food & drinks. I thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas. Although, I’m in need of a detox & exercise badly now. lol My husband’s family really know how to throw a great Christmas party with lots of tasty treats to choose from!!

our christmas 2015 2

I’m surprised by all of the bloggers who kept working over Christmas. I know I missed out on lots of views by taking the time off but I’m really glad that I did. I really enjoyed our time together as a family. It was nice to play with the kids, have days out together, bake, keep the house clean & watch TV in the evenings. All of that being said, I’m really looking forward to getting back to blogging! The house will suffer again but it doesn’t mind 😉

How was your Christmas holiday? x

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