PROMiXX iX-R Review

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Instagram followers know that I have started circuit training twice a week and am really loving it. It’s tough going but so rewarding to be back into an exercise routine that works for me. Protein like eggs or a shake is ideal for after training so I was quite happy to be sent a PROMiXX iX-R to try out. This is the latest in the PROMiXX mixer range and is getting amazing reviews and feedback from the fitness world!

In a nutshell, the PROMiXX mixer is a vortex mixer that can be used anywhere. It has a built-in & removable mixer and rechargeable battery which is charged via USB plug. There is also a removable container for your powder and a 600ml capacity bottle to drink from. The idea is that you mix your shake fresh when you are ready to have it. And it’s convenient as everything you need is in one unit.

More Info on the PROMiXX iX-R Mixer

The game-changing PROMiXX mixer, the iX-R is a lithium-ion, high-powered vortex mixer. It’s a sleek and stylish design, finished with a stainless steel trim with Pacific Blue details and a scientifically-engineered, blunt blade. This is a ‘must-have’ gadget for all health and fitness enthusiasts and shake lovers.

PROMiXX mixers are perfect for: protein powders; creatine; casein; other nutritional supplements but that’s not all. They are also amazing for milkshakes; baby formula; scrambled eggs; fluffy pancake batter; juices; a variety of beverages including cocktails; your bulletproof coffee; and much more!

A Few Highlights of the PROMiXX iX-R:

  1. Ultra Performance Seals

  2. NUTRIPOD 130ml Integrated Storage Pod

  3. Detachable High-torque motor

  4. 100% leak-proof guarantee

  5. 1 year limited warranty

It’s super easy to use and is easily charged with a USB port. To clean, simply add warm water and a drop of detergent and activate the vortex for a few seconds.

You can see the cool features of the PROMiXX iX-R in their video:

My Thoughts

This mixer really is amazing. PROMiXX has thought of everything. The details and quality of the bottle really are superb. The shake container fits perfectly within the drink container. There’s a hole on the top of the shake container which makes it simple to remove. After you add the shake mix, you place the shake container back in the bottle and can drink with the shake container inside the bottle. So you don’t have to worry about leaving it somewhere. It’s designed to allow the shake to pass by the shake container. See the different pieces here…


The top is leak proof. The motor can be taken off to make it lighter while drinking. And it can be charged anywhere there’s a USB port!

So in terms of design and convenience, this really is an amazing device. I filmed a short video of how easy it is to add the shake and you can see how cool the vortex is. You simply turn on the vortex, add the power and voila, a delicious shake is born!

I find it super easy to use and convenient too. Plus it feels like a real treat to be able to have a fresh shake after class while heading to town. PROMiXX really have thought of everything with this design and functionality.

You can hear my son a/k/a my cameraman saying how nice the shake smells. It really has a lovely smell after being thoroughly mixed by the PROMiXX iX-R. It’s much smoother than shakes I’ve made in the bottles that you shake up and down to mix.

Learn more over on the PROMiXX website.

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