PROMiXX iX-R Review

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Instagram followers know that I have started circuit training twice a week and am really loving it. It’s tough going but so rewarding to be back into an exercise routine that works for me. Protein like eggs or a shake is ideal for after training so I was quite happy to be sent a PROMiXX iX-R to try out. This is the latest in the PROMiXX mixer range and is getting amazing reviews and feedback from the fitness world!

In a nutshell, the PROMiXX mixer is a vortex mixer that can be used anywhere. It has a built-in & removable mixer and rechargeable battery which is charged via USB plug. There is also a removable container for your powder and a 600ml capacity bottle to drink from. The idea is that you mix your shake fresh when you are ready to have it. And it’s convenient as everything you need is in one unit.

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The game-changing PROMiXX mixer, the iX-