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Quote of the Week 32

Welcome to my quote of the week 32 with Candid Cuddles linky. I hope you are all enjoying this festive time of year! Christmas is in full swing in my house. Our tree is up, stockings are hung & we are soaking up the Christmas spirit in town on the weekends. Christmas traditions make the season exciting & fun for the whole family! Here are some of our traditions:

1.  Putting up our tree.  The ornaments on our Christmas tree are a mix of store bought & handmade pieces. Every year the children each make an ornament for the tree. We also have ornaments that belonged to my grandparents. I love looking at each one when we place them on the tree.

why i prefer christmas in Ireland 4

2.  Our Elf, Jingle Bells spends the few weeks before Christmas at our house. Santa sent him two years ago & we look forward to seeing what antics he gets up to each morning. My Godmother knitted the scarf & hat for Jingle Bells; he loves wearing them as they keep him nice & warm.

why i prefer christmas in Ireland 2

3.  Advent calendars. We have too many of them! We have one on the laptop, a timber Santa where you turn the date over & we bought new ones for the kids this year from Playmobil. Each day the children open a box & take out a new piece for the setup. By Christmas, there will be lots of lovely pieces to play with.

why i prefer christmas in Ireland 1

4.  Hanging our stockings. We each have one & can’t wait to see what Santa puts inside!

why i prefer christmas in Ireland 3

5.  Watching Christmas movies.

6.  Visiting Santa.

7.  Enjoying the shops decorated for Christmas.

quote of the week 32

Christmas is such a special time for families. What are your Christmas traditions?


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